Hier, David et moi étions invités sur France Culture avec Catherine Larrère dans l’émission de Geraldine Muhlmann pour parler fragilité et vulnérabilité des choses.
L’occasion d’une belle conversation.


The #UK now: “He says he has no food, no phone & no electricity from his prepay meter, and is left in the cold and dark. All benefits were stopped when his online claim asked him to ‘verify his identity,’ but he couldn’t as his phone had run out of credit. All claims are made online, and many claimants have no means of getting online besides their phone. He’d waited days, cold & hungry…in the dark.” https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/nov/28/citizens-advice-cost-of-living-emergency

Yes, it's that time again (where I spend the day obsessing over what could be construed as professionnal attire/carried safely into a backpack, after a year of remote conferencing).

« Les Amandiers » ou les yeux grands fermés - « Naïvement, on a envie de demander : pourquoi ? Pourquoi ne pourrait-on pas garder la liberté, l’exubérance, la fantaisie, tout en s’assurant que cette liberté est bien la liberté de tout le monde, tout en étant attentifs aux rapports de pouvoir et en refusant d’infliger ou de tolérer des violences sexuelles, physiques, psychologiques ? »


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« Habiter sur la B, c’est aussi devenu une discrimination à l’embauche tant les employeurs craignent que leurs salariés arrivent systématiquement en retard. »

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"Ralph Lauren had this thing: "I don't do shoulders, I do worlds." He was the first designer to insist for all his clothes to be shown together instead of separated by socks, vests, etc."

Interesting: read in an Elle article about a Fendi collab with Italian textile craftswomen that one of them confided the most difficult gestures in her craft are actually those of repair: no tutorials or user’s manual or even sometimes pieces to repair their looms and machines since nobody uses them anymore.

Do you gift second-hand items ?

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Can’t wrap my head around the fact that giving second-hand as Christmas gifts « counts » as real gifts. Though I spent time sourcing, selecting, buying and transporting them. Does it make sense ?

en Suisse les ressortissants iraniens sont assujettis au droit de la famille iranien du fait d’un accord conclu en 1934 et jamais aboli

My favourite bookstore in Basel offers shopping trolleys. And rightly so.

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I spent most of my childhood in Europe.

Europeans talk about racism differently than folks in the US but in my experience, are even more prone to saying "We don't have racism here!" while celebrating in blackface, and eating chocolate shaped like African hands, and passing anti-hair-covering laws, and electing neo-fascists, and Brexiting, and ignoring that Paris is a very Black city.

Want to help redesign one of the most popular and widely-used tools for researchers?

Zotero is hiring a designer: https://www.zotero.org/jobs/ui_designer

Would do it if I could. Ideal for someone else who has great UX / product design chops.

Seules deux alternantes ont démissionné, signant potentiellement la fin de leurs carrières. Pourtant c’est de leur courage et de leur éthique que ce milieu a besoin.

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Tout. Va. Bien.
Sur le dernier film de Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi dont l‘acteur principal est accusé de viol.

If everybody sounds lazy and unmotivated isn’t it maybe a symptom of a lack of meaning, projection, direction instead of just …. a craving for food delivery and cardboard boxes

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