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Everyday I wake up and generate massive amounts of incomprehensible data and then go to bed

one of my friends did the art on one of naarm/melbourne's art trams this year, and id like to help them embed a little tram tracker in their website :•}

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does anyone have any experience with SOAP 1.1 or 1.2? trying 2 interface with my cities tram network web service but the documentation is abysmal

helping my parents build their first ever online space — they're gonna spend a few months driving the perimeter of so-called australia, and want to maintain a blog during that time

been whipping up a super simple html/css template for them, hoping to make it as accessible as possible to two people who've never touched it in their life before !! how exciting

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Thanks to a cute lil #python script @aj wrote, my #Mastodon profile now shows the song I'm #nowPlaying! It fetches the latest every 30 seconds from the #LastFM API. My verified links also carried over :) it's a cute little hack, like #SituatedSoftware for Mastodon :)

Learn how to do it here: https://ajbooker.co/lastbio

Make sure to check in with your admin before doing it! (Are you #newHere #neuhier ? Do you have good relations with your admin? Have you ever spoke to them? You might want to, they're your host on this corner of the internet after all.)

since a couple people asked this arvo, i did a lil writeup abt my "now playing" script - full instructions & tips for if you'd like to do the same thing <33


wrote a teeny little script to pull my listening data and update a "now playing" section in my bio - if you check my profile at any time (right now !!) it'll show what song i'm currently listening to :•D

working on the website for my pseudo record label today !!

like a lil point & click adventure game - all pure html/css so far ((haven't settled on a font yet, hence default TNR))

hey assemblages !!
im enthralled by the current low-tech counter culture, and the pursuit of "web 0"

been super inspired by 100r and low tech magazine over the last few years, and am learning the principles of anti-bloated design

i also make music, both as a solo project and working on game soundtracks— currently working on a lil NES homebrew game with a buddy of mine :•}


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