since a couple people asked this arvo, i did a lil writeup abt my "now playing" script - full instructions & tips for if you'd like to do the same thing <33

@aj This is great — appreciate the write up as well. Makes it even better that it's in Python (a language I can at least tinker with)!

I just love that it's a bot that updates part of a bio field in your profile. That's a game changer for me — used to think of bots as just publishing toots, not as changing a part of your bio profile periodically.

Excited to look at this further and play around with the code. Thanks again!

@cj thanks for the kind words :•> digging into the mastodon api theres a lotttt you can do remotely - basically everything you can do manually !! fun to play around with it in ways that people dont normally gravitate towards tho :•P

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