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! Free Max class!

"The class will touch upon:

- sound and movie playback
- sound synthesis
- sound and video effects processing
- algorithmic composition
- cross-modal mappings (e.g., video affecting audio and vice versa)
- interactive control (e.g., from QWERTY keyboard, mouse, USB devices, Open Sound Control)"

later, on the plight of salmon/alewife/shad who've been blocked from their old rivers by dams and factories: "Armed with no sword, no electric shock, but mere Shad, armed only with innocence and a just cause, with tender dumb mouth only forward, and scales easy to be detached. I for one am with thee, and who knows what may avail a crow-bar against that Billerica dam?"

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intriguing bit from Thoreau on "the fish principle in nature" – "There are fishes wherever there is a fluid medium, and even in clouds and in melted metals we detect their semblance."

a nice thing about Pauline Oliveros's essay "Quantum Improvisation" (delivered at a conf in 1999, included in the 2008 book _Sound Unbound_) is that she uses the term Data properly ­– to refer to the Star Trek TNG character

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Undated photo of John Cage and Morton Feldman discussing the presence of transistor radios at public beaches

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Start a blog. Don't amplify stuff you disagree with. Mute stuff that bugs you. Focus; veer occasionally. Add context to links. Consider waiting a day after writing something before posting it. Write for yourself first. Expect to not know what you have to say until you've written.

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I've been keeping up with guitar and I'd like a place to share the music I've been learning/making that isn't a space to promote myself as an artist a la Bandcamp but rather an amateur music corner of sorts.

@m15o 's ichi seems like it'll be the perfect spot to share music in a delightfully idiosyncratic way.

word count accountability 

starting up a new thread for this week, aiming for 500 words per day on diss chapter 1

today: 645 words

cool short-term, paid, remote residency for grad students: Environmental Media Lab ( seeking scholars with a degrowth computing practice

here's more than anyone should want to read about text editors.
TLDR I think gedit is great.

here's the slightly longer single line tool I use to clean up and paste text from a PDF (this was an enormous time-saver for me in its atom package form):

xclip -o -selection clipboard | tr '[\n\r]' ' ' | sed -E -e "s/- //g" -e "s/[ \t]*$//" -e "s/[\"\“\”]|[\’\‘]+/\'/g"

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pretty wild to me that this one-line config adds a Zotero citation picker hotkey to gedit. thanks to the Better BibTex Zotero plugin maintainers for designing it this way.

text editor migration saga 

Gnome seems to be switching from gedit to the new Gnome Text Editor. The former's future seems iffy. The latter looks beautiful and has great markdown support, but its devs are explicitly opposed to re-implementing external tools ( This is a bummer, as Gnome Builder (where they figure users wanting any advanced features will go) has far too much IDE stuff for a non-code writing workflow.

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text editor migration saga 

still not loving emacs. thought about going the opposite direction: less reliance on editor features and more on os/utilities. learned about gedit's external tools plugin, which lets you pin bash commands to keyboard shortcuts. this seems pretty ideal – I'd way rather re-implement my atom packages as bash scripts than as elisp (both for familiarity and portability). BUT...

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A response to @steinea 's lovely collection of quotations on Compost Epistemology:

(ps: it's great to be part a community that helps me change my mind for the better.)

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A really great project focuses on intersectional feminist approaches to coding (w/ 24 recipes) edited by Xin Xin+Katherine Moriwaki. This reminds a poetry line: "When we hear “the singularity is near”, let us remember: the plurality is here." from Audrey Tang #codingotherwise

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logic magazine - new leadership 

starting next year, Logic Magazine will be led by @xrw and J Khadijah Abdurahman, with a renewed focus on "marrying our thoughts to the poor" and increasing engagement with international issues, particularly in Africa and Asia.

I'm really excited about the new vision and folks leading! more about both here:

if you're interested in pitching for our PIVOT issue end of this year, check out the call for pitches:

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