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learning about henry flynt, listenting to this recording “hillbilly tape music”

reading this text from protest towards Stockhausen:

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MIT press is relaunching the Software Studies book series and I am very excited to work together with other fabolous co-editors Wendy Chun, Jichen Zhu and @nwf.
Check out the press release: and our thoughts on the new series:
Feel free to starting sending proposals our way.

Check out the new manifesto here too:

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@balslev 's sharing of John Cage's computer based music made me dig up a curious quote from Cage that's worth pondering over (can't pinpoint the exact source):

>What we need is a computer that isn't labor-saving but which increases the work for us to do.

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I'm looking for interesting readings on the notion of SCALE in web technology, software development, &c, &c. Nick Seaver's 'Care and Scale' paper is one obvious one, anything else anyone would recommend?

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Really excited to announce the speakers of the first series of free online talks on "algorithmic patterns" in arts and culture.
Featuring weaving, wire bending, heritage algorithms, konnakol, live coding and juggling patterns
Emerging info and signups here:

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when OCR errors invent a missing sound art / media archaeology classic

do you have a handy (or another favorite way of generating very bassy tones)? I'm collecting samples of 25hz this week for a artwork:

any sounds that come in by May 9th will be used + credited in the project

Found this update on the Bandcamp/Epic saga interesting – my sense was app store squeezes were probably the big reason bc was willing to sell to Epic, but I didn't realize it actually provided legal utility to Epic in that fight

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Latest blog post exploring Borges & the detritus of personal knowledge management:

completely forgot to publicize this at the time, but the audio research initiative Flitr from came out last month and features a track by me

grateful to the always inspiring M. Sage for the inclusion!

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>Deprogramming, we decided, can mean many things: disrupting routines, inverting diagrams, restoring relations to space, rupturing the ordinary, transporting while disorienting, flipping what’s public and what’s private in listening, offering footholds in the unscalable walls of communication systems, or perhaps dismantling the very medium-ness of a medium.

Love this idea of deprogramming from @akstuhl 's workshop. Some great prompts here:

Hello! I'm a grad student working on a history of radio automation / treating radio art as a field for precedents we might use in contesting automated media today. I really like the bent of this instance and am going to try posting my more research-/practice-related stuff here alongside a more personal account over at @andy.

Some interests: radio, sound art, Pure Data, plain-text writing workflows, pedagogy, DnD, biking, cooking

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