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Water cools the data centers that store these bits you see. It’s boiled into steam, turns turbines for the electricity that powers your device, the router it connects to, and every whirring, beating part of the network that brings you these words.

Pitches for Issue 03 due 12 OCT 2022 >>

can anyone point me to any writing about tape or film as petroleum-based media?

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day 1 with the Ampex archives did not surface what I was looking for. what it did surface: the MR-100, a 1957 flight data recorder designed to be mounted in the nose of a missle and equipped with shark repellent.

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ai/art writing recs request 

is there actually any good writing out there on ai/art from a labour perspective? the absorption of image-making into platform capitalism and what that means for working artists?

I feel like someone must have written this but I am struggling to find it. not so interested in the wild new possibilities of ai or the intellectual property argument (both worth talking about, but I've read more than enough about them)

listening to Solar Radio, the new installation at Wave Farm by Anna Friz and Absolute Value of Noise ( love this project: a solar powered minimal AI that streams more complex sound as power rises and gracefully turns itself off when sun departs.

I felt a little silly buying the BE issue since the PDF is on, but I really wanted high res of that title with tape cart carousels for the 'u' and 'o'. It's also paid off because I can now see the editors mislabeled the station in the photo as WKOX instead of WKQX.

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"The third route out of the modernist crisis was to move away from composing to LISTENING, again working 'on' the sound from 'inside' the sound."

- Tony Conrad, "Four Violins"

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applied for travel funding for this, so I have to take a fairly cringey "pre-departure orientation" module designed for McGill undergrads headed for study abroad (I don't actually know whether I'll get the funding, but the module times out tomorrow). cool to learn I'll be returning to my old school as "An ambassador for Canada and North America"

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1 chord
54 musicians
1 hour and 45 minutes

An extended drone cover of a single chordal instance of a John Cage composition. It originated as a Disquiet Junto project with Musikfestival Bern and was stitched together by the indefatigable
Tobias Reber.

slid a bit down the slippery slope of buying research-related stuff on eBay today... got a service manual for the Ampex S-3380 Automatic Programming System (the first radio automation rig, to my knowledge!) and a 1978 issue of Broadcast Engineering on radio automation (wildly bad history of the field but great images)

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I compiled a pdf of the Ampex finding aid thinking I should really comb through the whole thing rather than just ctrl-f... it came to 1097 pages

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next archive trip coming up in a few weeks. will be at Stanford for the Ampex Corp records and then Loyola Marymount for the Jack Wrather papers (Muzak owner starting in late 50s). excited.

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@Janetgunter i described it as follow in ElReg:

For the French, the business of exploiting available laws, directives and other rules is an art form. One such inventive use of the constraints is the 'greve du zele' ('working to rules' strike action) where those on strike work more, not less.

When on greve du zele workers observe all rules - however archaic or unsuitable they may be - to the letter with such minutiae that their productivity becomes virtually nil. […]

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Henry Flynt: One of my favorite cantankorous sunuvabitches. A North Carolina iconoclast who told the John Cage cult to eat shit & extolled the miracles of Bo Diddley's electric guitar. An electric violinist who merged Appalachian music methods with North Indian drone techniques. A philosopher & a mathematician. A participant in Communist & civil rights activities. A man to admire.

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! Free Max class!

"The class will touch upon:

- sound and movie playback
- sound synthesis
- sound and video effects processing
- algorithmic composition
- cross-modal mappings (e.g., video affecting audio and vice versa)
- interactive control (e.g., from QWERTY keyboard, mouse, USB devices, Open Sound Control)"

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