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! Free Max class!

"The class will touch upon:

- sound and movie playback
- sound synthesis
- sound and video effects processing
- algorithmic composition
- cross-modal mappings (e.g., video affecting audio and vice versa)
- interactive control (e.g., from QWERTY keyboard, mouse, USB devices, Open Sound Control)"

later, on the plight of salmon/alewife/shad who've been blocked from their old rivers by dams and factories: "Armed with no sword, no electric shock, but mere Shad, armed only with innocence and a just cause, with tender dumb mouth only forward, and scales easy to be detached. I for one am with thee, and who knows what may avail a crow-bar against that Billerica dam?"

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intriguing bit from Thoreau on "the fish principle in nature" – "There are fishes wherever there is a fluid medium, and even in clouds and in melted metals we detect their semblance."

a nice thing about Pauline Oliveros's essay "Quantum Improvisation" (delivered at a conf in 1999, included in the 2008 book _Sound Unbound_) is that she uses the term Data properly ­– to refer to the Star Trek TNG character

@disquiet Cage's laugh in that part is so charming/infectious! Listening to those recordings really changed how I read his written/transcribed work – there's a kind of playful ironic egoism to a lot of it whose irony gets stripped out by text and by his aggrandizement in hindsight.

@disquiet incredibly accurate. also, love this week's Junto prompt. it's neat that the WBAI conversation has been recirculating a bit lately: Vicki Bennett's entry for Radio Art Zone ( + Damon Krukowski's newsletter ( I also included a clip in a piece for Wave Farm / Radia ( suspect it speaks to a general desire now for better ways of experiencing sound and distraction than the signal/noise cliché.

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Undated photo of John Cage and Morton Feldman discussing the presence of transistor radios at public beaches

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Start a blog. Don't amplify stuff you disagree with. Mute stuff that bugs you. Focus; veer occasionally. Add context to links. Consider waiting a day after writing something before posting it. Write for yourself first. Expect to not know what you have to say until you've written.

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I've been keeping up with guitar and I'd like a place to share the music I've been learning/making that isn't a space to promote myself as an artist a la Bandcamp but rather an amateur music corner of sorts.

@m15o 's ichi seems like it'll be the perfect spot to share music in a delightfully idiosyncratic way.

@rusty yep. or more often becoming aware that I had been hearing it once the TV was turned off and it stopped.

word count accountability 

starting up a new thread for this week, aiming for 500 words per day on diss chapter 1

today: 645 words

cool short-term, paid, remote residency for grad students: Environmental Media Lab ( seeking scholars with a degrowth computing practice

@cj thanks! your replies on here made it feel like it'd be worthwhile to reflect more on this process in writing, and I'm glad I did. grateful for the interest and the close read!

here's more than anyone should want to read about text editors.
TLDR I think gedit is great.

here's the slightly longer single line tool I use to clean up and paste text from a PDF (this was an enormous time-saver for me in its atom package form):

xclip -o -selection clipboard | tr '[\n\r]' ' ' | sed -E -e "s/- //g" -e "s/[ \t]*$//" -e "s/[\"\“\”]|[\’\‘]+/\'/g"

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pretty wild to me that this one-line config adds a Zotero citation picker hotkey to gedit. thanks to the Better BibTex Zotero plugin maintainers for designing it this way.

text editor migration saga 

@cj That's a great way of putting it. I'm not ready to go GUI-less, but I'd really like to rely on several smaller, sturdy but swappable tools rather than one all-encompassing tool. My big reservation with emacs was that I don't want to learn a new operating system – I just want a good text editor that interacts well with other stuff. I'm actually now finding gedit does pretty much exactly what I want with very straightforward/reusable config.

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