I’ve phased in and out of using RSS readers for my news instead of just opening twitter for it, but always fell prey to the ease of the latter. Trying to get RSS feeds in my mastodon timeline led me to this cool counter history of social network implementation, plus instructions on how to keep RSS in my life blog.platypush.tech/article/Cr


Here’s another way, which has slightly easier instructions (but still requires tech know-how, alas): github.com/edsu/feediverse

@anthbrtn I tested that one yesterday (a fork of it with some updates), and it choked on a few feeds that had time zones that it didn't like. I may try out feed2toot instead, it's more advanced https://feed2toot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

@dougholton funny, that's exactly what happened as I set mine up as well. I'll check out feed2toot when I have the chance!

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