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New for a new instance. I'm a professor at the University of Leeds, UK. Have written a lot about popular music culture, 'selling out', copyright, media policy.

I was late to join that other website because of fears about social media, which turned out to be well founded! But there were good things there too, which I anticipate could be even better here.

I moved from to and I’m even more impressed by mastodon. Smooth and simple transition. As a short I’m into . I work & and the impact of at in the and live in . Really loving the lack of and the people over here.

When I said that I like newer music, too, I meant from the '90s.

Be excellent to each other and party on dudes.

This is made with love and not intended to offend anyone. The phrase is a reference to the movie and not to any historically negative usage. Please accept it as such.

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after talking to her about Sir Orfeo, I asked the burning question I had about the student's RUN DMC shirt: do you think the Carol who follows Darryl is imaginary or real? Because I think she's just there because her names rhymes with Darryl.

student: [laughs] my dad got my this shirt, he's always getting me shirts from old bands, but everyone wants to talk to me about this, but I don't know

me: [laughs] [dies]


in Norway, "up and not crying" is a not uncommon response to "how's it going" type questions, and I feel like that's a very reasonable standard to hold oneself to especially nowadays

My new Amazon Chronicles newsletter includes a roundup of the most important news and stories about Amazon, and also sketches how I’m thinking about Amazon and its peers lately. The formula: “the heroic phase of the tech giants is over.”

Very excited to see my post count go down because I have old posts set to automatically delete. They're just toots, not the Great American Novel, and I FEEL FREE.

!!! Labor on campuses, on Mastodon 

:solidarity: 🎓 It's become clear we need a hashtag for campus labo(u)r conditions & struggles incl students, faculty, postdocs, custodial & service staff. There are many strikes & other actions across many countries & tags, which is wonderful, but it would be great to increase visibility.

Introducing: #HigherEdWorkersUnite

Please get in the habit of tagging your posts so we can find & boost!!

@HigherEdLabor @academicsunite @academicchatter #BeTheAlgorithm

Hello everyone. I’m an academic researcher involved in based at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. I occasionally make & do experiments with participatory formats. Plus just finished the 2nd draft of a novel.

hi everyone, very glad to be here! i'm moving over from, where i've been since ~2017.

i teach data analysis, computing, and information studies at a small college in PA. i spend a lot of time thinking about data and culture and cultural data, and i research networks in 17th-century literature and the early printing industry.

in my spare time, i make bots and other small web projects, and i try to spend as much time outside as possible (preferably around birds).

I feel bad when I go to delete an app from my iPhone because they all start shaking with fear wondering which one is about to die.

A teacher at my school was something of a wildcard. He'd often go off on a tangent for a whole lesson. One day he gathered all our school books in a pile & went through them one-by-one, reading how everyone had written their name on the cover - if it looked like something other than their name or he could concantenate an initial with a last name the he called the kid that for the rest of the year. So Stephen Hunter became "Shunter," Robert Edwards became "Babot Edudabs".
Strange memory.

@bethanyklein Ahah - that was one of the joys of Indietracks. I never camped, mind, as I live about 25 minutes away.

But so many of my mates have INDIETRACKS RAIN STORIES like hollow-eyed sailors muttering over their mead.

I am thrilled to report that ChatGPT has no idea whatsoever how Walt Whitman wrote poems

Now reading: Gavin Butt’s No Machos or Pop Stars: When the Leeds Art Experiment Went Punk (2022). Superbly researched and written account of the late 70s Leeds post-punk scene and its art school origins. Leeds often gets left out of UK music histories - London and Manchester are better at boasting - but it is central to understanding the relationship of music to politics.

It's out today! My Christmas single Tinsel Round The Telly is here, it's a MASSIVE FESTIVE BANGER, and it's in aid of the Trussell Trust foodbank network.

Check out the cute home-made video:

Download it from Bandcamp:

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"Schools are slowly becoming extremely reliant on a few large companies’ entire technological stacks in order to operate. In turn, these stacks are reshaping what schooling is and could be, and exercising unaccountable control over students, teachers, administrators and content providers alike".
This worries me quite a lot, actually. Read the whole essay.
(via @garyackerman)

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