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New for a new instance. I'm a professor at the University of Leeds, UK. Have written a lot about popular music culture, 'selling out', copyright, media policy.

I was late to join that other website because of fears about social media, which turned out to be well founded! But there were good things there too, which I anticipate could be even better here.

PSA for nerds who grew up in the 80s (and their children, where relevant): Playmobil has seen your Lego collection and responded with pretty excellent lines for Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and Scooby Doo!

Mondrian Crescent

I love it when train doors align at the end of a tunnel. The red tiles at Green Park station make this the ideal location to capture this moment.

It wasn't luck though, instead I froze the moving train with a fast shutter. It took ages to get it centred.

This final image resembles an abstract art painting by Piet Mondrian.

#art #mastoart #abstract #architecture #photography #potd #symmetry #london #underground #londonunderground #railway #mondrian #tiles #photo

@bethanyklein Perhaps the real value in #AI will be incorporating it into something bigger such as these #comics by Steve Coulson who uses Midjourney for the illustrations. Also #CreativeCommons licenced

let’s all take a moment to appreciate the semiotic beauty of the 🫶 emoji, a digital representation of a human body part creating a gesture to represent another human body part representing love

Besides being an interesting window onto gay life in the early 1950s, Michael Rumaker's memoir "Black Mountain Days," about being a student at the experimental arts college, has so many loving portraits of great characters, some still famous, but many now forgotten, each deserving of their own biography. I'm going to post a few of their stories as I read, because they deserve to be remembered #queerhistory #academia #BlackMountain #biography

Related indie pop trivia: artist Elizabeth Price (whose work is amazing) was a member of Talulah Gosh!

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*shuts down laptop*
I think that's enough internet for today

*picks up phone*
Let's see what the pocket sized internet is doing

I was pleased to read that a French man named in court papers as Monsieur T has won the legal right not to have to be "fun" at work. The court ruled he couldn't be fired from his job for not joining in drinks after work. Introverts everywhere inwardly rejoice.

Good read fting UCR Prof. Richard Rodriguez. Indirectly raises much bigger, valuable pt about ability to separate art (& meaning) from the artist. (Impt to consider as people apply inconsistent standards across artists w/problematic histories: Clapton vs. M. Jackson vs. Wagner.)
#Morrissey #The_Smiths #David_Bowie #Eric_Clapton #Gustavo_Arellano #Los_Angeles

There was a time when Henry VIII wondered about converting to Judaism to enable his divorce.
Imagine Jewish England. (That would make a fascinating speculative-history novel.)

WaPo: England and Wales no longer majority Christian nations, census reveals

People have been terrified so long that increasingly smart AI will lead to humanity’s downfall, it’s only now become clear that dumb robots will destroy us by stupidly locking us inside their burning chassis or providing directions off a cliff.

🎄 Plainly making a tentative yuletide phase 🎧

Strike rally outside Leeds Town Hall with members of UCU, Unison, Unite, NEU and CWU #UCURising

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