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I'm CJ, a classical guitarist who dropped out of a music doctoral program and became a cloud engineer with _a lot_ of steps in between ( barista to IT help desk to community manager for @write_as )

I'm interested in the spectrum between analog and digital, from playing guitar & reading to tinkering with raspberry pi's & contributing to small web stuff.

Mostly write on my blog (

Excited to contribute and learn from y'all!

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I have a newsletter called Dada Drummer Almanach. And this week I wrote about… what else?

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self-promo, free virtual event 

join us (on zoom) on Nov 16 for a big and studies book launch, where I'll be repping the collection's "Markets, Platforms, and Technologies" section. pre-registration required by Nov 14.

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Giving this a little boost - crew, if you'd like to join a little informal zoom session to introduce ourselves and collectively discuss what we hope for our nascent community, fill in this doodle!

I wrote up something on my blog for the first time in months. Not posting there made me feel listless in a way I hadn't felt before. Why? This post explores that feeling:

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A warm welcome and many thanks to our new moderators for, @jamesjbrownjr and @akstuhl ! You can contact any one of us if you have concerns over anything you see on the server.

Thinking about seasonality in social & political life and what that could look like on the web:

If anyone has examples I'd love to see them.

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This new publication is looking for articles about computer history! I think there may be some folks here with some stuff to say about such thing --

Fascinating web app from @mistertim :

>I did a little experiment to see if I could surface and ‘ritually eulogise’ deleted wikipedia articles at the point at which they’re deleted, using the MediaWiki Recent Changes API. Here’s the result: a tiny web app which listens to the feed and produces a eulogy (the name of the article, it’s life dates, and its reason for deletion, if given), and rings a bell for each one.

This post is worth a read also:

I've been keeping up with guitar and I'd like a place to share the music I've been learning/making that isn't a space to promote myself as an artist a la Bandcamp but rather an amateur music corner of sorts.

@m15o 's ichi seems like it'll be the perfect spot to share music in a delightfully idiosyncratic way.

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here's more than anyone should want to read about text editors.
TLDR I think gedit is great.

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The "paper internet" link on the collapseOS mailing list got my hopes up that it would be a paper based sneakernet, and then I realized that that already exists and is called a postal service. 🤦‍♂️

Buuut... maybe it's worth asking what a post-collapse postal service would look like? 🤔
Maybe with some low-power computer aid...

A response to @steinea 's lovely collection of quotations on Compost Epistemology:

(ps: it's great to be part a community that helps me change my mind for the better.)

Half way through reading Gal Beckerman's _The Quiet Before: On the Unexpected Origins of Radical Ideas_ and highly recommend it (especially to those on the instance) — it's been an eye opening look at the history of media & its relationship to social/political change.

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"Compost Epistemology"—a new piece of writing, or rather, a bundle of clippings, put together in the time since reading "Garbage Heap" by @cj

A curious anecdote of current technology coloring the thinking & approaches of newer technology (from Marshall McLuhan's _Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man_):

>Edison was delayed in his approach to the solution of [the phonograph's] problems by considering it at first as a "telephone repeater"; that is, a storehouse of data from the telephone, enabling the telephone to provide "invaluable records, instead of being the recipient of fleeting and momentary communication.

A blog post that attempts to connect my experience with classical guitar to lately learning Vim:

@balslev 's sharing of John Cage's computer based music made me dig up a curious quote from Cage that's worth pondering over (can't pinpoint the exact source):

>What we need is a computer that isn't labor-saving but which increases the work for us to do.

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since a couple people asked this arvo, i did a lil writeup abt my "now playing" script - full instructions & tips for if you'd like to do the same thing <33

>All means of interchange and of human interassociation tend to improve by acceleration. Speed, in turn, accentuates problems of form and structure. The older arrangements had not been made with a view to such speeds, and people begin to sense a draining-away of life values as they try to make the old physical forms adjust to the new and speedier movement.

~ Marshall McLuhan, _Understanding Media_

Makes me think of where this sense of "draining-away of life values" occurs in modern media...

@akstuhl 's thesis on analog fetishism in sound recording cultures is a great read:

I've only finished the introduction but it's already making me rethink things, especially how analog fetishism imbues analog tools with a magic similarly attributed to digital tools. How? Why?

Love this quote from William Leiss:

>Commodities are not straight-forward ‘objects’ but are rather
progressively more unstable, temporary collections of objective and imputed characteristics.

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