A response to @steinea 's lovely collection of quotations on Compost Epistemology:

(ps: it's great to be part a community that helps me change my mind for the better.)

@cj "I am moved by this image — ruins inhabited with ghosts and the living. Sounds like the web."

Wonderful stuff! I'm also struck by those passages of Haraway, the work of "inherit[ing] the layers upon layers of living and dying that infuse every place and every corridor."

@steinea Is there any Haraway you'd recommend? I'd love to read _Staying with the Trouble_ but perhaps there are papers/essays you'd recommend in the interim (or other books too).

@cj I first read her Cyborg Manifesto (1985) in a philosophy of technology class, which does a good job laying out some key ideas and themes of her thinking. It's 80 or 90 pages, and you can get it along with the Companion Species Manifesto in Manifestly Haraway (which somehow I've never gotten around to reading!)

A shorter essay that also does a good job as an introduction is her "Situated Knowledges" in Feminist Studies (1988). I'd probably start here, then go to the manifestoes, then SWtT.

@cj Haraway's written a lot more than that too that sadly I haven't gotten around to, but the Cyborg Manifesto and Situated Knowledges are right at the beginning of her bibliography.

@steinea Great! I'll start with the "Situated Knowledges" and go from there.

Genuinely appreciate the recommendations too, especially the reading order — it'll help with trying to understand a thinker with such a rich tapestry of ideas like Haraway.

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