A timelapse showing the incredible movement of a growing vine, exhibiting both nastic movement to find, and then a thigmotropic response to grasp and hold.

Credit: Roger P. Hangarter


#botany #nature #plants #science

If I use my mastodon app to take a photo , it spends 10 seconds uploading it before telling me the file is too big. No alternative options provided

British designer Peter Saville created the cover for Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" inspired by a pulsar radio-wave pattern that astronomer Harold Craft published in his PhD thesis.

Could that be the most widely seen PhD thesis in history?
https://www.typeroom.eu/peter-saville-on-joy-division-unknown-pleasures-stellar-cover-art #art #joydivision #astronomy

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I had success years ago cycling through a few python OSC libraries on GitHub. If you’re still looking for a solution I can dig through my old repo and see which it was.

Just finished this book: TACET n2 on Experimentation in Question (in music).

Wonderful collection of music/art/philosophy essays on what experimentation actually means in music/arts practice. The physical book is no longer available (I spent a stupid amount on this) but the pdf is only £5 from the publisher (and yes - I bought that too).

Completely recommend the book.

I’ve been building an open-source, JavaScript-based live coding environment called Facet for the last couple years. It can synthesize multi-channel audio samples as well as MIDI notes, CC, and pitch bend. The front-end text editor is in the browser, and the back-end is two local NodeJS servers. Works on MacOS and Linux right now, Windows is untested.

Check it out if you want:

I've been curious about Woodbine, the experimental autonomy hub, for years, but I rarely manage to trek all the way out to Ridgewood! It looks like they're starting a journal, Reservoir, pub'd by Autonomedia, which asks: “What does it mean to build a life in common at the end of the world?" Why a print journal from a "live gathering" space? B/c "to create a space, a publication, a shared moment, is always a secession, an opportunity to build in the moment of exodus" https://autonomedia.org/product/reservoir/

“What does it mean to build a life in #common at the end of the world?…The Reservoir is the new journal from Woodbine, an experimental hub for developing the practices, skills, and tools needed to build #autonomy. The Reservoir features new and previously unavailable texts by Silvia Federici, Fred Moten, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Ben Morea, and P.M., with design by Kevin McCaughey.” Check it out here: https://autonomedia.org/product/reservoir/

Godspeed, Hans Magnus Enzensberger (1929-2022). Let’s read „Constituents of a Theory of Media“ and „Defend Yourselves!“ https://monoskop.org/Hans_Magnus_Enzensberger

@garbados the more I think about it the more I think that the interesting thing about foss is not the license at all but the fact that it's the only exposure many people get to anarchist means of production

hi, i moved here from @mediagram

i think i set up the alias-ing and migration correctly. anyway, already feels like home lol


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