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2: I'm an interdisciplinary scholar working across & STS. Broadly, I look at the epistemology of data (both big and small) & how this relates to the digital economy. Currently working on a book which explores human datafication through the lens of research. 

I teach as a VAP at Villanova University — on the job market rn.

Also, I write for non-academic venues. A lot of my work is here:

& aside from all that I like music a lot.

a shot in the dark : any people know of good places (coffee shops, libraries, even bars) to do academic work (re: not too loud, strong wifi, isn't weird to hang out alone with books & laptop) that stay open sort of late? like til 10?

bonus if it's close to the main line suburbs (my apartment is in bryn mawr)

pretty sure this won't work, lol. if it does <3 <3 <3

Here's a list of books on the topic of and . I made it for a class that I almost taught at NYU's Dept. of Media, Culture and Communication last fall. It didn't happen (I took another job) but I've been developing it anyway — I still want to teach it! Further context is in the document:

Fwiw, I'm following a few of the authors here:

@couldrynick and @edenmedina

Seems like content from isn't indexed by or any other engine - would like to know for sure though. I wonder if admins have any control over this

While it's still November

this is my favorite movie of all time & i just learned it's free to watch on youtube.

kind of an avant-garde horror fairytale. like maya deren & angela carter made a film together & set it in medieval estonia. definitely for fans of valerie & her week of wonders.

😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

i'm typing all of this into mastodon through a web browser on my phone bc i don't want to download social media-specific apps. plenty more to say that doesn't just rehash thoughts i've already shared in other venues but... i have to at least be on a laptop to write it out.

i appreciate the comments. relative to twitter mastodon seems to promote more sincere & nerdy / less self-conscious conversation. i'm not so inclined to impulsively delete my posts here

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as one of the commenters noted - this proneness is a feature, not a bug. and it runs really deep i think- there's some research on the capacity of placebos to be effective even when people know they're taking a placebo. that's v interesting to consider from the perspective of continental ..

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... but at the end of the day ML programs aren't meaningfully (/structurally /radically) superseding their programming. ie even when they kind of surprise humans, they follow a rational/mechanistic logic.

meanwhile humans' vulnerability to illusions/artifice reflects, imho, an important limit to rational understanding. we know that there's no schooner in the image but we see it anyway. aspartame gives the effect of sugar & LSD can suggest to us that we see angels or dragons ...

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1 day later: i have a lot of thoughts on this; have been thinking about & the mechanization of mind/what is & isn't computable for a long time. kind of regret impulsively sharing this but not elaborating. as a general comment - in the end i'm more interested in human cognition than anything machinic.

ML can be taught to apply the 'wrong' labels & do other stuff 'incorrectly' - these terms indicating value judgments only humans can make...

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isn't "follow friday" for germans. i assumed i was just missing the context for fenster = follow, lol. it's just people posting pictures of windows

I've been interested by this article for a long time : "Neural networks don't understand what optical illusions are"

Perhaps the science is no longer valid, but the concept relates to a question I've thought about a lot regarding / / :

Their objective is to understand and make-intelligible. But the capacity to be deceived, misled, enchanted, etc. also seems central to human "intelligence" and "understanding."

re never having really existed on twitter in the first place

also why is it called "window friday" ?

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Musk didn't buy Twitter to make money from it. He bought Twitter to control public narratives and push political discourse further to the right, which he knows is crucial to defending his class interests.

i'm going to start recording music again

An issue for - I can see when the people I'm following were last here

So happy that this is getting traction :)

I'm definitely open to adding things, especially since it's very Western-centric (and, regarding real-world spaces and events, NYC-centric).

DM or email is best for recommendations. Just remember that on Mastodon admins may read DMs.

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Here's something I've been working on since 2020:

A Google doc with links to resources (broadly construed) at the intersection of , , , cultural studies, and the

It's divided between the academic and the non-/para-academic (tho that line isn't always clear). Originally I made it for my students- maybe others will find it useful.

In other news I still hate hashtags. They look ugly / feel cheap / warp meaning :( sorry!

I reread this piece - which was published in 2014 - more than any other. Think it'll be relevant 8 years from now too


(i never liked using hashtags & don't even know what else to tag this link with. It's worth the time)

also i can't use garageband- i should have mentioned that. i like garageband & would use it if i could.
the replies to this have been nice :) i'm warming up to mastodon

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for clarification i need a DAW / something to record into / i don't know what to call it. something like garageband but not audacity

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