Here's something I've been working on since 2020:

A Google doc with links to resources (broadly construed) at the intersection of , , , cultural studies, and the

It's divided between the academic and the non-/para-academic (tho that line isn't always clear). Originally I made it for my students- maybe others will find it useful.

In other news I still hate hashtags. They look ugly / feel cheap / warp meaning :( sorry!

So happy that this is getting traction :)

I'm definitely open to adding things, especially since it's very Western-centric (and, regarding real-world spaces and events, NYC-centric).

DM or email is best for recommendations. Just remember that on Mastodon admins may read DMs.

@emma wow Emma, that's incredibly comprehensive! Thank you!

@emma This is incredibly helpful. I look forward to working my way through it. Thank you!

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