Residential schools in Canada 

@histodons #histodons #Canadian scholars will find this morning's 's article on data vizualization of #indigenous Residential schools. Important.

Here's a list of books on the topic of and . I made it for a class that I almost taught at NYU's Dept. of Media, Culture and Communication last fall. It didn't happen (I took another job) but I've been developing it anyway — I still want to teach it! Further context is in the document:

Fwiw, I'm following a few of the authors here:

@couldrynick and @edenmedina

A great music book talk series, worth checking out (organizers are not on M):

Today (Nov. 29) @ 5pm ET catch Popular Music Books in Progress series from the Journal of Popular Music Studies

featuring Gayle Wald in conversation with Gus Stadler on 98-year-old folk & children's song legend Ella Jenkins. Email for the Zoom link.

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We're looking for #DH partners to pilot the Internet Archive's platform for web archive collection datasets, called ARCH:

Start by expressing your interest here:

Today I'm working on instructions for exploring these data as networks, text corpora, and image galleries, and having way too much fun

ABC No Rio's current cohort of Zine Library volunteers are now proceeding with an immense task: migrating the catalogue of ABC No Rio’s collection of zines from a Filemaker database of approximately 13,000 records to the online platform Collective Access. The work requires a great deal of "clean-up", and then the subsequent migration of the dataset to Collective Access. We expect to have a “beta” version on-line within six months. The on-line catalog will increase awareness among scholars, students, researchers and the general public of the vital and tremendous materials our library includes.
Please help support this effort at

Folks have mentioned that Twitter is an extremely important space for sharing #protest news across the world and as a result we should keep preserving it despite the takeover.

I get it, I am #Iranian, I have relied heavily on twitter for news sharing re protests in #Iran over the years.

But what you are missing is that those same activists and protesters are MOST vulnerable to the new Twitter regime. Misinformation campaigns will be easy, and #Putin/#China/Islamic republic will use it.

Chinese protests, 'Be Water'-style 

"Avoid the risky tactic of long-term occupation of streets and town squares—adopt 'Be Water'-style mobilization to prevent authorities from too easily clamping down on protesters."

More useful advice and context for the Chinese protests here:

"From Urumqi to Shanghai: Demands from Chinese and Hong Kong Socialists: A letter on strategy and solidarity with Uyghur struggle"

By Chinese and Hong Kong socialists on November 28, 2022

For everybody following #BlackMastodon & #BlackFriday,

We still building this young community, gonna take time and a lot of work, but I know there's still people slowly coming this way looking for connections so please Boost AND spread the word so they have an easier time find us. Just tell whoever you can, we out here!

And for people of all complexions that rock with us, we appreciate it, we encourage you to watch and listen and enjoy.

BlackFriday, we own that now!


Aaaaaaa: I'm going to be on the radio! Every week!!

I'll be hosting the Pet Door Show every Thursday 2-4pm Pacific / 5-7pm Eastern / 10pm-12am GMT on, playing a cross-genre, international playlist of my favorite new, independent and underplayed music, all by artists with under 5k Instagram followers. 📻🎶

#music #NewMusic #radio #IndependentMusic #DiscoverNewMusic #RadioShow #WorldMusic #IndieRadio

Program Note: coming up on Joe Belock's Three Chord Monte at 2pm EST today on #WFMU: Jody Stephens! He'll be talking about the Big Star #1 Record tribute shows and more. If you can't listen live you can stream the archive after the show from this page:

#BigStar #JodyStephens #musodon

This year I'm participating (virtually) in the Newberry Library's History of Capitalism seminar ( and I just noticed they also have a History of Labor seminar ( The way it works is, registrants receive a copy of the presenters' article-length work in progress and you spend the seminar discussing it. I believe anyone can register.

Hi, quick : I'm a human geographer at FU Berlin, working on the intersections of , and with approaches and . Fascinated by , and socio-political/socio-ecological , to

I have updated and extended the data for the #ASN ranking of #Mastodon instances once again. By request I have also added "Other" to the chart. This makes the overall distribution more visible.

Also, this time it is the 15 ASNs with the most Mastodon instances worldwide. 🌍

#hosting #mastoadmin #networking #network #mastohost #research

If you are still boosting this check

Now with more instances it seems to be the top 15 ASNs make about two thirds. The long tail distribution is there. Like @jboy mentioned, not as bad as the previous image made it seem.

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Full professorship in the history of sexualities at U of Oxford. Would be amazing to see this go to someone progressive;

Unfortunately I have to stop actively working on #Metatext for a while due to health issues. I really wish I could implement Mastodon 4 features and squash every bug, but it's not possible for me to do so right now.

I know the app has become important to a lot people, so I'm open to a new maintainer who can carry on its values of privacy and accessibility taking it over if there's interest and a fit. Email if you (or your organization) are interested

the #fediverse, the decentralized social network where 75% of the servers are found on just 5 different corporate #clouds

Pleased to be featured on the Cities & Memory “Obsolete Sounds” project with a new Organizing Committee track. The project is an archive of obsolete technology sounds with remixes by sound artists and musicians. My track, “Putting the Computer to Sleep” uses the sounds of fingers on an Apple iBook Duo 230 keyboard, w/ lyrics taken directly from the Duo instruction manual.


On Nov. 9, Apple released iOS 16.1.1. One change applied only to iPhones sold in China: AirDrop's "Everyone" setting lasts only for 10 minutes, limiting direct connections and hobbling a tool that "has been an effective communication tool for protestors."

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