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This account updates whenever a Hometown release comes out. I recommend after following, going to the profile and clicking the "notification" bell icon to get notified like an @-mention whenever this posts (which is not often). That icon won't be there if you don't follow it first, by the way.

@evemassacre I would love to be able to pin local server timelines on desktop too! I was looking for this feature, seems like a logical one to have.

My recent opinion essay for @nytimes

I note the new paradigm of "technodevelopment" and discuss the reality of it in countries like Nigeria. I ask the bigger question: What has Silicon Valley capital done in Africa? What should be the role of law?


@evemassacre @evemassacre@tldr.nettime.org cool instance! There are detractors on the nettime email list but I think it’s a great idea. You can also view local timelines without making an account in Toot!

Kyiv city workers repairing water pipes on Tuesday, using an emergency vehicle’s generator to power lights and a welding torch. (David Guttenfelder) 🔒nytimes.com/2022/11/30/world/e

#Historians and #history folks and everyone else who uses #archives: please tell archivists when you find something in our collections that you or your students connect with.

I was having a terrible day trying to fix technical issues with our digital platform until I got to talk to a student about her research and the letters she had found here – whole day redeemed.

@ehkopin I tell my grad students to always write down names of who help them to later put in the dissertation acknowledgements. This summer an arranged to scan and send me several folders of materials without charge--saved my day. Thank you for all your work!

point yourself towards 3 hours of greener horizons with last night's frow show on listener-supported noncommercial #WFMU. played a whole lot of recent live recordings (a few made by people on the heads.social server!), including a ryley walker/jr bohannon/ryan jewell jam, meg baird with chris forsyth, henry now (being the current incarnation of henry cow), jake acosta, plus don cherry/abdullah ibrahim '72, anteloper '18, mute duo '18, & more. https://bit.ly/3ERlecH

Do not use Hive Social - "The issues we reported allow any attacker to access all data, including private posts, private messages, shared media and even deleted direct messages." https://zerforschung.org/posts/hive-en/

https://historians.social has been live for 48 hours!

We have well over 400 members on our server and we're growing just about every minute.

Although the instance says "historians," we're really a place for history and anyone who has an interest in or works with history. So #historyteachers history organizations, #libraries #archives #museums and anyone who wants to know more about the past and the process of history is invited to join us!

@histodons #histodons

#Socialcoop stars in this new article by me and @amyadele on why the fediverse is not just a Twitter replacement—it invites us to a whole new orientation to social media: https://www.noemamag.com/mastodon-isnt-just-a-replacement-for-twitter/

Thanks fellow cooperators for helping inform this thinking!

#BlackMastodon @blackmastodon
Women Who Innovate Grant For Musical Artists:
Deadline 12/31
This grant will be awarded to an artist who is creating new work, seeking collaborative opportunities, taking risks, & pushing the boundaries in their musical realm.
The recipient of this grant must also demonstrate an active commitment towards advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, & accessibility in their work.
Award amount: $1,000:

If you need some rock n roll tonight, I know a place where you can find a solid 60 minutes of it, on #wfmu #rocknsoulradio! Tune in for Bad Teeth, with your host Spoony at 8-9pm edt! #rocknrollgoddamn

Just launched!

tldr.nettime is an instance for artists, researchers, and activists interested in exploring the intersections of technology, culture, and politics.

It has grown out of nettime-l, one of the longest-running mailing lists on the net .

It offers two tweaks we hope will help make it unusually fruitful:

- The character count per message is higher — 2000 chars.
- You can choose whether your post is public or visible only on tldr's local timeline.


ICYMI, the music series started last week on Ben Franklin's World with an exploration of Music and Song in Native North America. Our guest is Chad Hamill, an ethnomusicologist and a citizen of the Spokane Tribe.


@inquiline @erazlogo I just discovered the Toot! app for iOS lets you read a server’s local timeline without being logged in. (Local only, not the federated timeline you can view on web.) And if you tap fave, boost or reply, it asks which account you want to do it with. Pretty seamless.

@graue @inquiline Thank you! I switched to Toot! now to take advantage of this feature. If you click on “Local timeline” you can switch to federated timeline.

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