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Time for an . I'm a non-academic writer/artist who is passionate about theory and curious and very online and thank/hopeful for this new community here. I love online discourse and for the hell of it can't stick with just one major topic so here we go: , , , , , our cursed , how to build the good life for everyone (, , +tech, ).

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Posts mainly in english cause I like my web community international, but manchmal auch auf deutsch.

I know that many of you like this info, so let me add it although it makes me feel a bit caged in: I'm queer, working class, nonbinary (she/her/they, anything is okay though), white, from+in germany, partially disabled – have I forgotten a box I should tick? :)

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Even though I've been a live music and club night promoter in Nuremberg's Musikverein collective for more than 20 years now and it is my second family, I hardly write about music and its community online anymore because at some point it always attracted endless promo replies/dms and I was tired of that. But whenever you hear me talking about anything related to building communities and encouraging people to be shameless and forgiving, bet is, I learned it there.

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Hereditary gingerbread treehouse is all the proof I didn’t need that the A24 product team is brilliant.

Während die deutsche Internet Governance Blase (Wirtschaft, Regierung, Wissenschaft und Zivilgesellschaft)nach Ethiopien zum UN #IGF2022 fährt (die ethiopische Regierung erhielt die Ehre, es zu hosten),schlachtet dieselbe Regierung die Menschen in Tigray.

Loooong overdue this was reassessed! Keeping an entire Peruvian mummified human as an 'example' in a collection of medical objects, often used to control and colonise, was particularly chilling.

Another thing I learned on the Reveal podcast about Amazon warehouse injuries is that injuries are actually highest at those warehouses where humans work alongside robots, since robots push the workers beyond their capabilities. I thought that was interesting since I’ve heard a lot of talk about “co-bots” on the supply chain (robots that work alongside humans).

(can't wait for the edit button. not using delete and re-draft on this one because I'm not sure if it keeps the image description)

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I'm still adjusting to the transition from Amicia's slender teen heroine body in A Plague Tale to Kratos' muscle mountain of a body in God of War but I like the game so far. I am rather amused by his voice being so ridiculously masc-drag deep that I want him to develop one special power that makes him burst out into a Barry White song to stun his enemies.

If you like Voguing: The Ballroom South Germany people have a phone livestream of our little Cruella de Vil Kiki Ball on Insta and it makes me ridiculously happy to at least be there in spirit via stream:

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Anyhow, all of this is to not to say that point-to-point information networks necessarily end up as monopolies, but that there are definitely economic forces that push in that direction that have to be considered in designing networks, crafting regulations, and — when commerce comes into play — structuring markets. Even email, everyone's favorite example of decentralization, is now facilitated by a small cartel of rich commercial providers. 15/

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Watching vids of our last voguing events and am so disappointed that I can't make it this time. If you are anywhere near Nuremberg: Cruella de Vil Kiki Ball at Kantine is the place to be tonight! The last 2 balls were such fun and brimming with glamorous and loving vibes. I'm still battling vaccination side effects so I can't make it but Amelie and ramshackle will dj even better than me.

It's like a leftover of empathy journalism, when VR experiences that placed you in refugee camps or isolation cells were naively believed to change the world.

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Do people actually enjoy snow-fall storytelling? It often makes me feel equally forced and lost. "Lost" especially when the control of what I can move by scrolling shifts or I have to watch a video before I can scroll on. It's interactive for interaction's sake only. Your decisions don't matter, it's not quite like text-heavy RPG / visual novels games. And have you ever come back and tried to find a piece of info you wanted to quote? Hm. Or maybe I'm just not the audience for it.

Anscheinend glaubt ein großer Teil des Fediverse noch an technische Lösungen für soziale Probleme.
Zumindest klingt das in der CN-Diskussion so, was bedeutet, dass die uns noch ne ganze Weile begleitet. ^^

Damn, totally worth it but my booster euphoria gets dampened by sideeffects right now. It's my fourth Corona vaccination and so far I had only problems with one. Hoped I would be lucky again this time. 😷

Sexuelle Gewalt Rape Apologist Enzensberger 

Hans Magnus #Enzensberger hat den Sexualstraftäter Siegfried Mauser, der als Präsident der Münchner Musikhochschule mehrfach Bewerberinnen sexuell belästigte und gegen ihren Willen zu sexuellen Handlungen nötigte, in einem unsäglichen Artikel der Süddeutschen Zeitung verteidigt & die Frauen, die sich ein juristisches Verfahren zugemutet haben, so qualifiziert: Verschmähte Damen seien wie Tellerminen.

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