Petition to abolish the one moldy blueberry.

the top todos are:
- analog/digital filtering paper (hi Mara)
- Lee de Forest paper (hi Alejandra)
- circuit music paper (hi meesh)
- CMC / RCA mark II as technoptimistic monoliths (hi Eliot)
- fragile instruments (hi Tammy)
- binary is nation state building for computers (hi dan)
- reverse engineering reverse engineering (hi Michael)
- aesthetics and politics of circuits and microchips (hi Edward)

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is hometown clearing carriage returns in the bio display an accessibility thing? it totally breaks ASCII art

If you know me IRL and you see me in 2023 and I haven't finished whatever paper I've told you I was working on by the next time you see me please give me an incredibly hard time about it

*quietly* I don’t want more discipline-specific instances, I don’t even have a discipline anymore.

One of the parts of Mastodon that I particularly enjoy is that I run out of new things to read and then get to move on with my day.

the number of times I've just typed "ass" and pressed enter before firefox autocompleted "" , leading me to end up on the duck duck go results for searching "ass" is: 37

cold fusion? you mean Reactor Not Work Theory ?

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