in case anyone is in the Melbourne area this weekend, it's the last weekend to catch Maelstrom at Science Gallery Melbourne — 96-speaker sound installation that creates a real-time collage from thousands of fragments of internet-sourced audio, weaving cluster chords from the performances of hundreds of unknown musicians across the world.

Very cool: Animals are key to restoring the world's forests, long-term data set reveals

Our tendency to be literal, concrete and thing-focused is boundless. In response the world keeps trying to show us, it’s *relations* all the way down.

#ecology #restoration #forests #regeneration #relationality

great weekend long-read debunking some of the mythology around anechoic chambers, with extended detours through industrial history, acoustics, perceptual psychology, and Guinness world records. (via @jonathansterne)

Christian Marclay's The Clock, but using literary quotes: literature-clock.jenevoldsen.c

hadn't come across this before, but this is actually an update of a 2018 project by hardware hacker Jaap Meijers, who originally created it for a jailbroken kindle. I really like the e-ink format.

mindblowing new discovery in Conway's Game of Life: any buildable pattern in Life can be constructed from the collision of 15 gliders.

the key principle: distance itself can be used to encode information. by determining the correct starting [x,y] coordinate for each glider, any future state of the Life universe can be created, with effectively unbounded complexity. 🤯

(via @OscarCunningham @danstowell)

taking a break from a break in social media posting to join mastodon so will be mostly quietly observing this space for now. I'm a PhD candidate in Art and Design at Sheffield Hallam looking at divination and reading at art school. Interested in signal processing, speculative practices, neurodivergence, crip and other justices, drawing and poetry. Pleased to make acquaintances. I live in London.

“Maybe we were the birds”, in which @rwisa outlines a technique for getting young people to think speculatively by playing strange sounds at them. 🎧

ran into a floating-point rounding issue this week — in python, (0.1 + 0.2 == 0.3) resolves to False, which can cause all sorts of subtle issues.

reminded me of this 1990s story of the consequences of not handling your floats properly...

Imagine a piece of tissue paper.

Coat it with cyanotype chemicals.

Fold it into an origami crane.

Let it be a crane for a while, in any place with a bit of light. Ignore it, play with it, whatever.

After a while, unfold it. Develop.

You'll get an image.

The image is the memory of it's experience as an origami crane.

Repeat. Every crane's experience - and hence every image - will be unique.

Here's 4 out of the >750 I've made so far.

#blueprint #origami #orizuru #metamorphogram #memory

"Practical applications aside, to learn knots is also to engage in a sort of memory sport, or 'martial-arts for the hands'; only by thinking through the cord or rope, completing gestures in succession, will a knot be finished."

^^ superb set of video tutorials for learning to tie and understand knots, from @JulianOliver

fediverse day zero: battling the need to repeatedly copy-and-paste profile/post URLs between browser tabs to interact with other instances.

I understand that it's a consequence of non-shared authentication tokens between instances, but anyone know of any solutions for this? ideally Chrome or macOS native?

similar to this for Firefox:

transcending the chaos with this sublime collection of latin american ambient and environmental sound artists, selected by Isabelia Herrera @ Pitchfork: 💆

particularly digging:

>>> Alina Labour (Dominican Republic)
>>> Almanacs (Honduras)
>>> OVSICORI (Costa Rica)

looking forward to this upcoming lecture by Olivia Laing at Birkbeck: "After Paradise: a lecture on Eden, gardens and Milton’s Paradise Lost" (29th nov)

updated this old repo of python twitter scripts to include:

- downloading a full list of people you follow
- downloading an archive of a specific user's tweets

twitter's data exporter is great, for as long as it works, but note that it doesn't actually export the usernames of people you follow, just their numeric IDs — useless in the face of potential implosion is a Mastodon instance for people interested in thinking creatively and critically about technology, in the broadest sense. The only requirement is that you keep to the code of conduct! Note: we've paused new signups for a few days while we deal with the #twittermigration influx - please do request an invite, but be aware that for now functions more like a 'waiting list' than a knock on the door, until our numbers stabilise again :-)