Free ebook available this month from the University of Chicago Press (who do this for a new title each month): Judy Wajcman's *Pressed for Time: The Acceleration of Time in Digital Capitalism*

In 1936 the NYC Committee on City Planning published a children's book called "The ABC of city planning." My favorite is J, for Jumble, "caused only by man, who recklessly built without a good plan." Link to the full book here:

We have to seriously cut down on our travel habits in Academia!
Interesting survey among French academics about flying to conferences and for research:
Average distance flown by full professors and tenured researchers in a year: more than 10.000 km.
"members of the scientific community are acutely aware of environmental issues. [...] there is a substantial divide between these attitudes and practices emitting large quantities of greenhouse gas."

Spatial researchers, check: Westphal 2013 The plausible world - It is quite fun and inspiring. It moves quickly through times, concepts, places and stories, a bit like Serres, also subtly ironic: "The verb conquérir (to conquer) entered in Old French at the end of the eleventh century (as conquerre) ... In classical Latin, there is no equivalent, but there are some paronyms: conqueri means “complain a lot” and conquirere “search everywhere.” When some search everywhere, others complain a lot.

Twitter, schadenfreude 

Sorry to anyone who genuinely misses Twitter, but I'm having a great time checking in on the daily mayhem at

Hi, quick : I'm a human geographer at FU Berlin, working on the intersections of , and with approaches and . Fascinated by , and socio-political/socio-ecological , to

#MeTooSTS in Germany and call for action 

We as members of the board and the Best Practice group of stsing e.V. have published a statement and call for action in response to the accounts by Claudia Schwarz-Plaschg and Lee Vinsel:

Science & Technology Studies journal, the house journal of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST), is looking for editors to start as early as possible, preferably from February 2023 onwards.

How it all started: “Reverently picking up a pipette, he said: “This, they believe, measures the amount of a liquid.”” Obituary by Steve Woolgar

Ankündigung und Bitte um unverbindliche Anmeldung: Tagung "Postkoloniale Perspektivierungen der Kultursoziologie" der Sektion Kultursoziologie in der @dgsoziologie

(eine schickere Version mit Ortsangabe folgt)

The #multimodal #ethnography journal entanglements, founded in 2018, comes to an end. Publishing projects needn't last forever, but I wonder: what forms of support might have allowed a #DiamondOA title like this one to carry on?


Dear #Berlin friends, come join me at the assembly on Saturday! We'll be doing a listening session at 4pm, and for all who prefer to attend Friday (great program!) there's a listening station.


some recordings of counter-futuring, a one-day symposium, which invested in forms and networks of praxis that invert the contemporary enframing of technological systems and their underlying colonial, racial, and patriarchal regimes of space, time, and visuality. with Yener Bayramoğlu; Anna Engelhardt; Abhijan Toto and Pujita Guha for Forest Curriculum; Juan Pablo García Sossa and Sarah Grant for Futura Trōpica; Elise Misao Hunchuck; Bahar Noorizadeh; Tiara Roxanne; Bassem Saad @bassem__saad

people. Just in case, this is happening now, it's open and super interesting

Call for Abstracts – Journal Of Imaginary Research
Each submission consists of:
1. A title for your (fictional) study
2. A 200-word imagined (fictional) research abstract
3. A 100-word imagined (fictional) researcher biography
4. An image
Deadline Friday 2nd December, 2022

@acorsin @marcellaflamme @timnitGebru I wouldn't mind a real discussion and analysis of how ActivityPub works, how it is different from Mastodon (and what their defaults are), what the levers of control and configuration are and whether it will make any difference to creating a better alternative---it's ongoing work. It's not safe because its free (software), it will only be free if we can save it from destruction.


"Mastodon ist mehr als Twitter mit schlechteren Wortspielen" schreiben und ich in unserer Replik auf ARD-Vorsitzenden Tom Buhrow im ( & fordern dreifach-digitale Öffnung öffentlich-rechtlicher Online-Angebote.
Mini-Thread🧵👇 1/6


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