One more bot migrated to Mastodon...

My 2014 article "The Machine That Therefore I Am" had a bot accompaniment. It writes versions of Erasmus' sentence in De Copia: "Your letter pleased me greatly."


"You always have to embrace this book, to help it to actually open and close."

Books for operators:

(via @Jillio)

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My stripper name is “get off the stage, ma’am, this is Chuck E. Cheese.

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I asked the #AI to help me figure out what Oscar the Grouch's feet look like. #aiart

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I have completed my entry for the year. I call it "Distance and Even Dust," after a Gertrude Stein passage.

Code and a sample PDF here:

Live-generated version here:

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Another great #nanogenmo entry: ████ ██ Ishmael by @hugovk, a version of Moby Dick with repeated words progressively blacked out, until it becomes almost entirely censored.

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Experiencing a miniature, MLA-induced replyall-calypse. Pray for me.

@Chimaera In my experience, yes! But am I hearing some love for Paul’s masterpiece? The bot is to be enjoyed by all, lovers and haters alike.

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🎄 Plainly making a tentative yuletide phase 🎧

Everyone hates Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime." So, I made a bot as a tribute to that hate. It now lives on Mastodon. Enjoy!

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I just posted a preview of this year's project! It's nearly done, but I want to tweak a bit more. The idea is to use Perlin noise to extract letters that are near each other (in three dimensions) from an existing book:

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I think AC/DC made a very good point when they said “THUNDER!” (followed by weird humming)

@dloher Sure! In fact, here's a link to the assignment. They just finished a writing assignment that might have worked okay with GPT-3 (it was a more straight ahead writing task), but their current prompt is designed to be so specific to our class that using GPT-3 is likely going to be a headache:

Have folks run across good coverage/research of how the fediverse is being used by far right groups?

Tinkered with GPT-3 in class today because students have to use it to generate their final paper. Their excitement turned to groans pretty quickly, which was the point of the assignment. They are already wishing they could just write the paper themselves.

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I just discovered the Deleuze Seminars - basically many (not quite all but alot) of Deleuze's seminars have been transcribed AND translated to English AND they're free to download!

You can find him working out many of the key concepts that later make into A Thousand Plateaus and What Is Philosophy here:

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