Just landed at Heathrow. I am enchanted with the anti-anti-malingering sign.

Concerned that voices gathering to mutually strengthen the #fediverse & #journalism contain few to no women's voices, especially women of color who have been targeted & know A TON about community security & tech. Lots to be excited about right now, but hate to see familiar patterns replay again & again.

My own experiences could be summed up in the sentence “wow, my shirt is really loud.” 2/2

What a nice surprise to open up the NY Times and find the best thing I’ve ever read on the experience of an anechoic chamber. I’ve long been annoyed at the embellishments in the John Cage story about one, and my own experiences of them have been quite different from legend. This story captures the hype, is funny, and deflates it. Not sure on the etiquette of linking to possibly paywalled material, so apologies in advance. 1/2 nytimes.com/2022/11/23/magazin

Highlights so far have been a) hearing people working with AI talk about its limits and saying "I don't know" about things b) some very interesting critiques of ML (as you'd expect c) listening to very serious Swedish folk musicians engage seriously with AI-composed Swedish folksongs d) the other concerts. I DO NOT recommend the Illiac suite as music, but after hearing it referred to across decades of media studies talks, I can now say I've heard the whole thing performed live. 2/2

I've spent my last two days at this conference: musaiclab.wordpress.com/musaic. It's truly interdisciplinary. Humanities-soc-sci-artists-musicians-composers-computer scientists. I'm the last keynote tomorrow (9:30amEU time, live on Zoom, will be available recorded later) and will be talking about some work in progress with @akstuhl and @mehaksawhney on tracking the human (and the humans) in machine listening. 1/

8. Perhaps the simplest way to summarize #covid19 in Canada is this chart of annual reported covid deaths. The 17,111 already reported for 2022 exceed the totals of 2020 and 2021 and may exceed 19,000 deaths for this year, a year when people were encouraged to remove masks indoors "if it was right for them" and to treat a "milder" #Omicron in the same general category as the flu.

A gentle reminder to folks who are new to Mastodon. In solidarity with those in the disabled community who rely on screen readers, we ask that you:

* Add alt text/image descriptions when you post media
* Capitalize the first letter of every word in a hashtag #LikeThis
* Avoid emojis in your display name

UPDATE: So many great questions! Please check the replies to see if your question has been asked and answered ❤️

#StrongerTogether #Accessibility #AltText #Disability #Solidarity #FediTips

I opened MS Outlook to turn on an auto reply and here's what it told me. Seriously, who actually wants this sort of thing from their software?

Check out this very cool graphic essay a student (who is also a great artist) made for my intro to Communication Studies course. (yes it's on the "other" site). twitter.com/dannidorina/status

Our cats are forming a metal band called Toastlicker.

If you are not the intended recipient of this toot and/or its media you must not take any action based upon them and you must not copy or show them to anyone.


Back to editing lecture recordings and lost an hour of work last night because I was too tired to properly read the tiny-ass print in Adobe Audition, which can't be enlarged.

Of the other major digital audio editing workstations (especially those for non-musicians), do any of them provide better accessibility features for enlarging type?

Academia-oriented Mastodon instances ought to set their CSS so that when someone hovers over the "Publish!" button it switches to "Perish!"

Exciting to get a copy of these resources “Cultivating a Repair Mindset” (US) and “Fixing Things for the Future” (Germany) - available for download or via post https://www.cultureofrepair.org/educator-resources #RepairMindset #Repair #Education #MakerEd

Job opportunities in STS! 

Please boost! The Department of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer (in upstate NY) is hiring! These are fantastic tenure-track opportunities in

1) science policy and innovation (https://careers.rpi.edu/en-us/job/493578/open-rank-tenured-or-tenure-track-faculty-in-science-and-technology-studies-science-policy-and-innovation),

2) racial justice and STS (https://careers.rpi.edu/mob/en-us/job/493598/assistant-professor-in-science-technology-studies-racial-justice-and-intergroup-dialogue), and

3) social studies of health and medicine (https://careers.rpi.edu/en-us/job/493579/assistant-professor-in-science-and-technology-studies-sociology-of-public-health).

Please feel free to contact me with questions.

#sociology #anthropology #geography #policy #sts

Final call to apply for our Python Developer position! Our team at @CALMSU@twitter.com is looking for someone who is passionate about working with open source technologies and digital publishing systems. Apply here: https://careers.pageuppeople.com/782/cw/en-us/job/512819/python-developer-information-technologist-i

CfP, #birdsite, Posthumanism 

My friend Anna edits this excellent magazine called "The Posthumanist", and they've just announced the CfP for their next issue, on 'rhythm': patterns, sounds, time, flow, frequencies. Submissions to anna@theposthumanist.com by November 30th!


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