This Friday is the deadline to apply for a 2 year postdoc with me, @tarleton, @maryLgray and @zephoria in our Cambridge MA lab. We are looking for researchers with sharp insights into critical interplays between tech and society. For example, I would love to see applications from scholars working on AI and work futures, including creative work.

Deadline DECEMBER 9.

Unabashedly enthusiastic grad students are the life-blood of academia. The whole profession would do well to form itself around fostering their joy, instead of... whatever it's doing now.

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Free digital preview of THE TERRAFORMERS, my new novel about flying moose, rebellious workers, and evil interstellar real estate developers, coming 1/31.

Hey -- it's Bandcamp Friday. Anybody get anything good recently that they want to recommend?

In case you don't already know, we are not post-pandemic. After a conference in Stockholm, a couple people came down with Covid. At my conference in London, we lost a couple people to it, and the organizer had to Zoom in because she was positive. My conference in Berlin was cancelled...due to Covid. I'd hoped to write something more clever, but please look after your and friends -- wear a mask and don't assume it's "just a cold."

New PhD Intern Opp w Me Just Dropped 

Looking for advanced PhD student w interest in leader-employee dynamics and qual research chops (+quant a plus) for a great paid 12 week applied research project with me and two wonderful co-mentor researchers in product groups. Located in Cambridge MA with me, @tarleton, @maryLgray and other inspiring people. Read all about it and please spread the word:

@Jyoti I’m a little rusty on my Hornbostel-Sachs but raccoons don’t have strings do they?

Hypothesis: it’s not an avant garde performance if at some point you don’t have someone dragging something across the strings of an instrument to make squeaky sounds.

@dada_drummer I’ve been there too! That was a particularly crisp shirt day for me.

Just landed at Heathrow. I am enchanted with the anti-anti-malingering sign.

Concerned that voices gathering to mutually strengthen the #fediverse & #journalism contain few to no women's voices, especially women of color who have been targeted & know A TON about community security & tech. Lots to be excited about right now, but hate to see familiar patterns replay again & again.

My own experiences could be summed up in the sentence “wow, my shirt is really loud.” 2/2

What a nice surprise to open up the NY Times and find the best thing I’ve ever read on the experience of an anechoic chamber. I’ve long been annoyed at the embellishments in the John Cage story about one, and my own experiences of them have been quite different from legend. This story captures the hype, is funny, and deflates it. Not sure on the etiquette of linking to possibly paywalled material, so apologies in advance. 1/2

Highlights so far have been a) hearing people working with AI talk about its limits and saying "I don't know" about things b) some very interesting critiques of ML (as you'd expect c) listening to very serious Swedish folk musicians engage seriously with AI-composed Swedish folksongs d) the other concerts. I DO NOT recommend the Illiac suite as music, but after hearing it referred to across decades of media studies talks, I can now say I've heard the whole thing performed live. 2/2

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