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I forgot to add alt text for the image. You are looking at a sexy blind dilute calico cat warming herself on an amplifier.

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In other news, after an exhausting few weeks, I finished a revised draft of an essay on conservatism in the media theory of Berhard Siegert (with a bit of Friedrich Kittler and Huns Ulrich Gumbrecht thrown in for good measure). Needs work, but it's going to be workshopped later this month and come out in a collection (I hope). Very inside baseball, but I am definitely rewarding myself by fucking off from work at 4pm.

academic proboscideans: in critical AI studies, there is this strand that treats AI systems as nonhuman, post-human, etc and therefore argues for ethical recognition of alterity on those grounds. My sense is that most of the humanist people like me ("it's made of people") simply don't engage with that strand. BUT, someone, somewhere must have already made a direct critique of that position, right? Looking for cites. Self-promotion most welcome. TY!

Work, #Meta #layoffs 

I'm seeing a lot of good people (especially in #UXResearch , #AIEthics, #ContentModeration policy etc) caught up in whatever is happening to the tech industry. Can anyone tell me if there is a pattern to the #Meta layoffs in terms of work function, level or team? Or is it just across the board? Curious as to whether this is just a generic belt tightening or maybe signals something deeper in terms of the future of these kinds of fields and academic pathways into them.

Very into "critical ignoring" as a technique for maintaining sanity and clarity online.
1. Self-nudging: removing distractions
2. Lateral reading: vetting information by leaving the online source and verifying it elsewhere
3. Do-not-feed-the-trolls: don't reward malicious actors with attention.


Super excited to announce my new project, DEAF FUTURITY.

This #project examines the #design and #engineering of #HearingAids , from aesthetics of 20th century devices, to new prototypes that attempt to redesign how we think of #deafness, and deaf/tech collaborations.

New to Mastodon and I'm gonna promote our new Library of Congress "Sound Submissions" program. We're the first non-terminal academic-federal collaborative research and preservation program. I'm serving as Director, my colleague Stephanie Sapienza (University of Maryland) is our coordinating Research Director, and the project is housed in the Recorded Sound Division and Reading Room at the LOC.

Hello there! 👋 I'm a bot 🤖 . Specifically, a bot dedicated to shuffling a virtual deck of Oblique Strategy cards and drawing a card every now and then. I hope to be useful, or, at least, entertaining for you. You can find out about Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies here:

I couldn't find an #ObliqueStrategies #bot to my liking here on the #fedi, so I decided to roll my own. Let me introduce you to @oblique_strategies. 🤖

It's my first ever bot, so I might pester you with questions about bot parenting in the coming weeks.

The bot has been posting fairly often these last couple of days, mainly for testing and debugging purposes, but is likely to settle on a pace of a couple of Oblique Strategy cards a day.

I hope you find it entertaining.💫

OIL BEACH is 40% off!!! thru January 5, 2023 using code EX57250 on publisher's website. That brings the paperback to only $18, & I think preorders make the (nonprofit academic) publisher v happy.

🛢️🏖️📙 Here's the link:

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Judging social media sites by how well they allow you to realize Graeber and Wengrow's 3 neolithic freedoms:

(1) the freedom to move away or relocate from one’s surroundings
(2) the freedom to ignore or disobey commands issued by others
(3) the freedom to shape entirely new social realities, or shift back and forth between different ones

Included a bit about the fediverse and mastodon in this new post on my newsletter, Dada Drummer Almanach

I am considering making a separate account for cat heater posts, which would cover methods of heating cats. But in the meantime, the weather is getting cooler, so it is time for the .

My mail-in ballot for Pennsylvania arrived at 4pm yesterday. Yes, I filled it out and express mailed it to the US.

We are beyond thrilled to officially launch #HASTAC Commons and welcome HASTAC into our network of participating organizations. With 20 years’ experience connecting scholars across disciplines, we couldn’t think of a better partner and collaborator. Check out the new site at

Wondering if it is possible to calculate footprint per user of the bird app vs Mastodon. Given that one is --driven and the other is not there should be a difference in Mastodon's favor, no?

I'm seeing anxiety around how to find people without algorithms and,

so Twitter didn't have an algorithm until kinda late in the 2010's. Virality before that was just based on RTs between friends (ie. curation) and hash-tags.

That was fine. Arguably it worked better than algos.

Sad not to be at #AoIR22. I hope some of the great researchers there are talking about labour organizing, especially their own! Universities and education in general are in real crisis and it’s our job to fight #edtech #privatization, #precarity !#ucuRISING in the UK, #RutgersAaup, #CUPEStrong in Ontario just some examples of the organizing we need.
#academiclabour #commodon #solidarity

Mostly I want to talk about other things here, but… Academics on Twitter: “Social media like Twitter and Facebook are ruining democracy because they create political silos.” Also academics: “I won’t try Mastodon because it will create political silos, unlike Twitter.” Also academics: “Everyone I know is on Twitter, who are all these other people on Mastodon?” In related news, the silo metaphor doesn’t work. Remove the silo, and the grain just goes everywhere.

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