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Greetings. I’m an artist & researcher living in Aotearoa NZ, with roots in London & Isle of Wight, UK.

In search of friendly spaces for connection around art, sound, space, systems change, oceanic imaginaries & relations.

I work with Intercreate in Taranaki on arts, technologies & ecologies across cultures. Always thinking about how embodied, relational, creative life feeds activism in real ways.

Lover of music – all worlds, all times.

I have eaten
the works of Ozymandias

Forgive me
they were delicious

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Very cool: Animals are key to restoring the world's forests, long-term data set reveals

Our tendency to be literal, concrete and thing-focused is boundless. In response the world keeps trying to show us, it’s *relations* all the way down.

#ecology #restoration #forests #regeneration #relationality

Is anyone keeping track of democratically or cooperatively organised instances?

Everything was Forever, Until it Was No More....

Empires *can* fall quickly - even corporate antisocial media, other behemoths of surveillance/cryptocapitalism, and dictatorship

"To the people who lived in (the Soviet Union) the collapse seemed both completely unexpected and completely unsurprising." (Alexei Yurchak)

#mahsaamini #whitepaperprotest

Excited for the publication of 'A Vital Frontier'- on activism:

“What appears as a relentless expansion of capital into public utilities is thus met by a relentless and often successful proliferation of political organizing, as water movements argue that the sell-off of their is the most immoral form of theft of all-the theft of life itself.”

Real learning from communities refusing the financialization & commodification of .

I imagine if you haven't lived under authoritarianism yourself it is very very hard to imagine it's total oppression

@dnkrupinski Never underestimate the impact of capital on a system that has inherent economies of scale and network effects. It happened with the web. No reason why it can’t happen with the fediverse unless we’re all diligent in resisting it from the very start.

I spent October drawing a bird every day as part of #InktobirdsNZ, and just uploaded the ones I'm happiest with to @WikiCommons under an open licence for anyone to reuse for any purpose. No permission required, just credit me.

A Sunday spent deep in the epic poem the Shāhnāmah, listening to Iranian friends complete a telling of the legend of the Defeat of Zahak. A powerful story-telling night of voice & music speaking the fall of a legendary evil dictator, in solidarity with those facing oppression, in Iran and beyond.

No photos, but a lush Persian Miniature from the manuscript of the Shāhnāmah of Shah Tahmasp, early 1500s.

If everyone believes that we can make a better world then maybe 1994 will be a utopia for everyone. ↯93NOV

📣 I work 12 hr days + on wknds because I believe in universities. But I’m now paid much 👇 less than I was 6 yrs ago. I juggle teaching, supervision, research/course admin, research, funding applications and more, but my university keeps asking for 👆more!!
We are broken. Enough is enough #UCUrising

“if there is a lack of care, it is not that most of us do not care, but that we do not know how to care”. (Blanche Verlie)

Very good article on eco-grief - felt, as this points out, most deeply by indigenous at the forefront of ecological breakdown - and how to replace empty, privileged hope with courage

Thank you for sharing this, @galavpsychology

@schock content mod will never be enough. I wrote abt what an alternative based on community care might look like for Logic:
We also have work where my PhD student Sijia Xiao took restorative justice training and did pre-conference interviews to learn what people who are hurt online need: safety, support, retribution, transformation

@estebanmoralesv I agree that is key. My take is that we (and by we, I mean everyone who wants this exit from surveillance capitalism to succeed) need to gather significant resources to focus on dramatically improving moderation, and work hard to implement the changes that have already been called for by those who are most attacked (as a start)

Ancient social media 

I've got my grandfathers #QSL cards. This is what social media looked like 99 years ago.

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