Just a few hours ago in Changi airport, with the butterflies. Now in Auckland for the last leg to Welly. 6 months of living out of a suitcase in Europe coming to an end. homeward bound.
Image - Iris looks out at the butterfly garden in Changi airport Singapore.

Re-Enchantment exhibition 

Good times in listening to @marcgarrett ’s story of being drawn back to earth ✍️

An inspired Winter eve in Hamilton MAS celebrating Marc’s exhibition. A mighty renewal.

tiny festive dog 

December is here —
mournful dogs in reindeer garb
ride the city Tube

Such clarity from @timnitGebru on liberating our imaginations from the AI futures that Silicon Valley /Effective Altruism are hooked on.


The piece ends with a stark choice between living polycultures of creative technology, or...AI in service to endlessly predatory capitalism.

Time to give attention & support to vital tech cultures, like the visionary Te Hiku Media working with te reo Māori, community & data practices rooted in mātauranga Māori values.

A Sunday spent deep in the epic poem the Shāhnāmah, listening to Iranian friends complete a telling of the legend of the Defeat of Zahak. A powerful story-telling night of voice & music speaking the fall of a legendary evil dictator, in solidarity with those facing oppression, in Iran and beyond.

No photos, but a lush Persian Miniature from the manuscript of the Shāhnāmah of Shah Tahmasp, early 1500s.


‘The Weight’ 2022. Incredible artwork by .

There's painfully little coverage of the Islamic Republic’s massacre in the Kurdish-majority cities of Mahabad, Javanroud, Piranshahr & Takab. The internet is shut off in these areas, so it's truly vital that the rest of the world speaks up.

Keeping hope alive in these conditions is something else! The people in need so much more attention&support than they’re receiving.

Cecilia Vicuña's Brain Forest Quipu 

Tranquil time listening to the tendril forms of Cecilia Vicuña’s Brain Forest Quipu at the Tate Modern.

Here's a nice interview about her process working with a group of Latin American women to gather found objects from the River Thames and weave & knot the salvaged materials into the hanging sculptures -


warship off the isle of wight 

Went out to get my Monday morning coffee…& found a huge nuclear warship dominating the Solent.

Put a CW on this, in case folk don’t want this beast on their visual horizon.

They say, the largest warship in the world has come to “join vessels of countries like France, Germany & Sweden for various exercises in the Atlantic Ocean” which all sounds rather sportif, like friends doing aerobics together...

The euphemism is as chilling as the vista. A daunting prospect.

"But because truly being here is so much; because everything here
apparently needs us, this fleeting world, which in some strange way
keeps calling to us. Us, the most fleeting of all…

Ah, but what can we take along
into that other realm? Not the art of looking,
which is learned so slowly, and nothing that happened here.
The sufferings, then. And, above all, the heaviness,
and the long experience of love,—just what is wholly



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