A world where computers write and make art while human beings break their backs cleaning up toxic messes is the exact opposite of the world I thought I was signing up for when I got into programming

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You had me at vacuoles
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Mobile app image description not working, so -

ID 1 - Iris looks out at the green life of the butterfly garden in Singapore’s Changi airport. Iris is smiling. She wears her hair in plaited pigtails. The setting sun shines through the dome windows and a plane is visible on the runway outside.

ID 2 - Iris grinning at the camera. Iris wears a black T, glasses and her hair in plaits. The setting sun shines through the dome windows, filling the airport butterfly gardens with evening light.

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Just a few hours ago in Changi airport, with the butterflies. Now in Auckland for the last leg to Welly. 6 months of living out of a suitcase in Europe coming to an end. homeward bound.
Image - Iris looks out at the butterfly garden in Changi airport Singapore.

FILMS FROM IRAN FOR IRAN: a solidarity fundraising programme of films by womxn, made from 1979 to the present day, with a focus on experimental and non-fiction work. Over twenty works by fifteen artists.


#iran #IranRevolution

My cartoon in todays @DomPost & online @NZStuff
Aotearoa's vanishing species.
The cuter ones get a lot of attention but that means we're not caring for the rest of indigenous species.
#Aotearoa #ClimateEmergency #VulnerableSpecies #WildlifeConservation #NZ

Re-Enchantment exhibition 

@acousticmirror Yes, so good to hear Marc speak about art, nature and technology, and how experimental drawing led him through treatment and recovery from throat cancer.

It has me thinking about embodied language and wellbeing, and also got me reading swamp thing again.



Thank you for sharing this. Extremely interesting. Just googled radical puns & found this article about #🍚🐰 as an alternative for -restofworld.org/2022/china-soc

Puns, emoji rabbits & pictures of Winnie the Pooh becoming radical... a real reminder of how censorship transforms language in uncontainable ways.

Interested to read more about censorship, creative resistance and meaning-making if you have recommendations.

All thought is carried out by neural circuitry — it does not float in air. Language neurally activates thought. Language can thus change brains, both for the better and the worse.

Hate speech changes the brains of those hated for the worse. It creates toxic stress, fear and distrust — all physical, all in one’s neural circuitry active every day.

This internal harm can be even more severe than an attack with a fist.

@metaleptic London to Singapore to Auckland. Travelling with my daughter, so i'm happy it's Changi 🦋

Re-Enchantment exhibition 

Good times in listening to @marcgarrett ’s story of being drawn back to earth ✍️

An inspired Winter eve in Hamilton MAS celebrating Marc’s exhibition. A mighty renewal.

glitches, capitalism 

@inquiline @acousticmirror yes, agree. it feels like more folk than ever are falling through the cracks in crap systems.

Those who need care or support are really screwed in 2022. In the uk, many stories of elderly folk living alone who simply can't book doctor's appointments because they can't receive the call back of the new NHS phone system.

Sad irony that the extent of suffering isn't even visible... as the systems for feedback & complaint are broken too.

glitches, capitalism 

@acousticmirror @inquiline yes, dizzying systems meltdown in the few weeks i've been in europe & UK.

Recently delayed at an airport stopover for 5 days because of a signalling problem. No ability to get through to airline’s helpline as their call queue rang & rang & then automatically connected to a customer questionnaire etc. etc.

Whether it's travel, banks, health, internet, phones, payments... stuck systems ad infinitum & broken loops. not even Kafkaesque - just broken.

@jonty so interesting

something refreshing about how ChatGPT takes no position about what is & what isn’t a foolish question (xmas presents for bee besties, why not!?)

human communication so much about shutting down & policing “inappropriate” questions in the name of discernment… & protecting hegemonic positions in the process.

Untold creative tension in training a chatbot to give generous more-than-human answers, whilst also training it in cultural censure to 'reject inappropriate requests'!

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