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Migration was seamless so here's my for local folk:

I'm an & based in UK. For 15 years I've been making critical interventions in technology under umbrellas of or . Now mostly working with cameras and video, still sometimes hacking hardware & also writing.

Currently interested in relationships between and media, geophysics and digitisation, the production of images and their collateral landscapes.

Wow, I loved it. And then I couldn’t run anymore and had to stop and breathe the freezing air, and they all landed too, and sat in the darkening light as if we were all waiting for a train together.

A funny encounter.

I wonder about , and where it can have a home. When communication works, we get to surf each other’s lines of flight for a moment, and go beyond ourselves. And that really is precious. It’s a living process.

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Left &went for a run for the first time since my injury. It was so cold that my nose stung, ears stung, throat stung. I almost vomited as I ran round the seawall to the beach.

But then the sea sucked in her breath & revealed a newly washed stretch of sand reflecting the sky. So I ran with all I had—& a flock of black birds flew up behind, skimming close to the ground all around me. We raced each other down the whole stretch. Carried further by their line of flight than I can run alone.

🆘 Kurdistan: the situation in Mahabad is dire. I hesitate to use terms like genocide or crimes against humanity as some have, as these have very specific legal definitions. But at a minimum a massacre. Please speak out, scream it from the rooftops. The world can not be silent.

Prepping my slides for #Anticipation22 and re-reading my copy of The Dreaming City: Glasgow 2020 and the Power of Mass Imagination, back in 2007 when @MelissaMean and others did a city-wide collective imagination programme.

Wondering who else is here that is doing work on #imagination? Especially temporal imagination, civic imagination, collective imagination....

A fund *finally* agreed at -

31years ago - on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) - proposed funding for to the countries most impacted by rising sea-levels. It was blocked & delayed by those most responsible for climate change for decades.

The facility exists because of those who wouldn't give up. Celebrating them today. And - no doubt - the fund needs to be fought for every step of the way.

Children's voices are usually missing from #Climate debates. But it is their future that's at stake. On #WorldChildren'sDay2022, sharing some children's art from the sinking islands of the Indian Sundarbans on living with climate & livelihood uncertainties, #LossandDamage & their visions for more sustainable & transformative futures. Dr Anandita Saha facilitated this work for the Tapestry project

"I want to take off the shoes of my voice, so I can enter a space with care." —Ocean Vuong

I had a delightful conversation this morning with Andres Colmenares -- we discussed enviro media and all things collective planetary care. Please check out their work:

New blog post / Archaeoacoustics ramble 

Experimental psychoarchaeoacoustics, whether words can be unintentionally encoded like a gramophone on ancient pottery, and earphones that mimic the sound of vast places long gone… bit of a rambling one this, but it’s provoked a couple of email responses so at least two people enjoyed it :)

Microdosing cathedrals and the synthetic acoustic environment of the ancient world 👉

bird site losing the spam battle? 

Logged into twitter & my account was full of notifications from an army of bot accounts spam-tagging me in quote tweets about a dodgy Damien Hirst NFT sale.

I gotta say, it's genuinely hard to distinguish if @Hirst_NFT is a scam account, or whether @hirst_official is.

Is this a scam? or a scam of a scam? The endlessly recursive questions of capitalism.

Why we gotta rip up the earth for this? The artificial stupidity is too severe.

This is also why I think we should be supporting every initiative aimed at building out #communitymesh networks and neighborhood-scale #microgrids with everything we have. With the fediverse’s moment having come ‘round at last, maybe it’s clearer now that our present as well as our future belongs to #decentralized and #distributed forms of infrastructure.

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Babe, wake up, a new #JWST image just dropped.

Light from the protostar L1527 escapes above and below an edge-on protoplanetary disk (the dark line at the center of the image), creating an hourglass shape. This illuminates the cavities carved as ejected material from the star collides with the surrounding, dusty nebula.

Dust scatters shorter wavelengths of light, so blue areas are where the dust is thinner and orange areas are where the dust is more dense.


I suppose with the #twitastrophe ongoing, I should get around pinning an #introduction.

I'm Eric Korpela, an astrophysicist by training. My expertise is in interstellar matter (#ISM), UV instrumentation, radio instrumentation, and #SETI. I used to direct a small volunteer computing project called SETI@home (#setiathome). I'm semi-retired, and theoretically working 17 hours a week. In practice that turns into almost as many hours as I was working before I retired.

My posts here will often be unrelated to my work. I find it hard to be chatty about things that have exhausted me during the day. My short term life goal is to learn all that is knowable.

My non-work interests are #vintagecomputing #fishing #politics #vintagegaming #cocktails #food #beer #wine #NCAAFootball and #photography.

This is a slide from a talk I've been giving about unintended consequences, re: an example of how lack of foresight in tech design can sometimes be attributed in part to lack of diversity. People who get harassed a lot are good at predicting vectors for harassment. (This tweet is quoted in @schock 's book.) I think we're going to see some challenges around dealing with harassment on Mastodon now that more frequently targeted folks are trying it out b/c it's more complex than just blocking...

Yes donating to the admin is nice, but have you considered we can use this energy to build institutions for actual user power?

Large scale user unions which fund the systemic development and sustainability of this environment? That fund moderation labor across the network?

Democratic institutions that can push back simultaneously against Big Tech, BDFL like Mastodon and misguided legislation to regulate the internet?

Umbrella organizations that can shield users from arbitrary abuses of instances and simultaneously assist teams running instances with legal issues, know-how, funds and best practices?

We're currently only scratching the surface of what federated social networks can be and we need to be way more ambitious.

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