As far as I can tell, I added the link to verify my website correctly and even removed all the extra formatting that had it opening in a new tab and hidden as white text on a white background, but after another day without the check mark, I feel like I'm still missing something. Any tips anyone? It's be a few weeks of trying this in silence...

@kylestine could it perhaps be because the first time you link to your profile via the mastodon icon there's no rel="me"?

@kylestine Hm.. I just checked on my website and that didn't seem to be an issue. One thing I did notice though is that you can hover over the hyperlink and see when mastodon last checked it for verification. If you've just been saving changes on your website and not saving the url in mastodon's preferences, make sure you hit save changes so that it checks your website again.

@halfflat hey, thanks so much. I can at least see if removing the icon gets it to work…

@halfflat I feel like I want to nix the twitter icon in any case, so this is easy to try

@kylestine hunh, interesting! Before you nix the images, have you tried just putting rel="me" before the href when you first link out to the profile via the image? that should work I think...

@halfflat Was just thinking the same thing. And I could try removing the link on Mastodon for a few hours and see if that maybe resets it. Because saving anew doesn’t seem to help. I’ve been doing that for weeks. Thanks again!

@halfflat I ended up doing this. The link on the image works with the rel="me" on it. Now it's just a matter of getting Mastodon to check it again. When you said I could hover over the link and it would say when Mastodon last checked, is that the link in my profile? Because I didn't see anything. Thanks yet again!

@kylestine so i doubled checked this and I think you can only get that pop up by hovering specifically over the checkmark of a verified account. I will say that when I was playing with this on another instance saving my preferences instantly refreshed it, so the issue is still probably on your end. The only thing I can really think you might try is just set up a blank page on your website with the bare minimum html and the link, and see if that works. Or try a different host like neocities

@kylestine the only way I can ever figure out how to fix things like this is just by building out from a bare minimum working example. Once you have that then you can start playing with it and trying to figure out how your site is deviating from it.

@halfflat That’s smart, thanks. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to report back with good news. Cheers.

@halfflat Bingo! Whatever I did seemed to have worked on both my main site and my Neocities site. I owe you a big virtual high five :)

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