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@kylestine Very tangential to a lot of your interests but I wrote a soundtrack for a TV show that doesn’t yet exist - but maybe you’ll write it?

Alright, I've gotten my website back up and running and now have links to all recent articles, including my newest, "Film as the First Universal Data Medium," available here:

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📦 ⛓️ #SupplyChain reconciliation,

records the places where labor has been exploited, where the earth has been plundered, where waste overruns into rivers, and poison bleeds into the air. It is not a proclamation from on high, but an admonition from below.

#criticallogistics #commodon #sts from @dochock

I’m curious to get folks’ thoughts on hiding the social graph. I left mine visible because I both don’t mind displaying connections and find it a nice way to find contacts on a new platform.

Explaining to a child that the time can change is quite an intellectual exercise

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Norberg Travel Grants for research at the Charles Babbage Institute for Computing, Information, and Culture. Appl. Deadline Jan 16, '23 [So grateful if you would help boost!]

CBI has an immense, diverse archive, 320 collections, far more than a mile if stacked up!

#History #Sociology #Anthropology #MediaStudies #Communication

Excellent materials to study #technology #science #gender, #race, #AI, #HCI, labor, #privacy, #graphics, #programming #security, #class etc.

I teach a class every fall called A Cultural History of the Internet, and this experience on Mastodon has me thinking I need to make an impromptu addition this week on new models of social media.

A note to anyone clicking on my website: verifying it for Mastodon pushed me to make some changes in my domain forwarding, so it might be 24 hours before everything is back up and running

No need to talk more about the platform departed. Suffice it to say, I'm glad to be here. is a Mastodon instance for people interested in thinking creatively and critically about technology, in the broadest sense. The only requirement is that you keep to the code of conduct! Note: we've paused new signups for a few days while we deal with the #twittermigration influx - please do request an invite, but be aware that for now functions more like a 'waiting list' than a knock on the door, until our numbers stabilise again :-)