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also tickled that the 'AI is coming for your job' discourse could be extended to the occupation of 'being a computer'

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More than anything, I like the idea of using the command prompt as a fictional form, but it also highlights i guess the contingency and temporality of the knowledge of the world embedded in large language models, and the degree to which 'producing answers of the right general shape' involves some striking subtleties even in the absence of correctness / veracity.

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Deleuze tells us how to read with love:

Instead of seeing a book as a box with a meaning inside that you've got to discover,
think of it as a machine that signifies nothing but WORKS in a certain way.
Not asking yourself "what does it mean?" but "how does it work?"
Not working for you? Pick up another.
Sometimes "reading with love" means tearing a book to pieces, seeing how this or that part resonates with you, even if you can't make sense of the whole.

#philosophy #books #deleuze

Not generally into "look at this amazing thing we've discovered is hidden inside an AI" type articles, but this is super interesting - using ChatGPT to emulate another simpler computer, connected to the internet: engraved.blog/building-a-virtu

I moved from Mastodon.social to assemblag.es and I’m even more impressed by mastodon. Smooth and simple transition. As a short I’m into . I work & and the impact of at in the and live in . Really loving the lack of and the people over here.

I think might have successfully moved off Mastodon.social and into Assemblag.es! Will do a proper post soon but really excited to check out the local timeline and connect on and

Hey folks! I'm Miguel Sicart, a play scholar at the IT University in Copenhagen, Center for Digital Play. I study play across people and machines, and make and think through ridiculous software.
You can read more about me at miguelsicart.net, ridiculous.software, and stupid.technology

I've been lurking on the Surrsound mailing list (on immersive and surround audio) for years, initially for work reasons, but now mostly for amusement over the constant clashes of audio engineering and musician modes of discourse with those of the mathematicians and physicists, and the misunderstandings that result. This morning maybe i received the best example to date:

Chinese cultural history and politics, art history, adjunct and contingent faculty advocacy, social justice, distance running, starting 26th year in Dept. History of Art at DePaul University, Chicago

New post on the TCS4F blog: Taking action against the environmental crisis https://tcs4f.org/taking-action-against-environmental-crisis

We give concrete ideas of what you can do, as an academic researcher, to limit your contribution to the climate crisis and advocate for necessary change.

Let’s try this.
My name is Victor Potier. I’m a postdoc researcher in and at the University of Toulouse.
I mostly work on and , from a and perspective. All of this leads me to explore markets, platform capitalism and public action in various sectors such as education, events and agriculture

Hi all people. I've created a new group for us to tag in related toots.


If you follow the group you'll get all the posts that peole tag with this handle.

( )

Hello world!
I graduated in Oriental Studies, Korean lang and cult, in Rome's Sapienza, now I am a P.h.D. candidate at Napoli's Orientale University.

I am a bookworm: I tend to read (study) as more books as possible. I'm interested in philosophy of data and networks after studying Yuk Hui, but Koestler, Deleuze and some biology too - thanks myrmecology and mycology - ! I think a POV versed in Buddhism could be handy to some analyses .

. Hello, I'm Andy, new on assemblag.es (big thanks to @mistertim for letting me join!), moving over from @mastodonapp.uk, as a space more suited to my interests in design and creativity.

By day, I'm a Head of , advocating for better understanding of needs. More on my website: sableindustries.org. By night, I'm a DJ and music fiend, spinning for the , , and scenes, and a devotee of the dark, weird and wonderful. Nice to meet you!

hi everyone, very glad to be here! i'm moving over from mastodon.social, where i've been since ~2017.

i teach data analysis, computing, and information studies at a small college in PA. i spend a lot of time thinking about data and culture and cultural data, and i research networks in 17th-century literature and the early printing industry.

in my spare time, i make bots and other small web projects, and i try to spend as much time outside as possible (preferably around birds).

Hello everyone. I’m an academic researcher involved in based at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. I occasionally make & do experiments with participatory formats. Plus just finished the 2nd draft of a novel.

Love this: "... an Internet Pigeon Network as a prototype ... is a speculation for a community-organized, affordable, resilient for the Strip that brings together different modes of building : one draws on millennia-long of the post and the other on contemporary local and do-it-yourself networks." By Helga Tawil-Souri

I feel bad when I go to delete an app from my iPhone because they all start shaking with fear wondering which one is about to die.

Hey -- it's Bandcamp Friday. Anybody get anything good recently that they want to recommend?

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