Have any folks looked into setting up some sort of corporate governance structure for their instance (say as a co-op or other non-profit)? I'd love to hear stories / advice / anything at all about this as it's something I'm currently considering. I'm based in .es / EU but info from any jurisdiction is useful (There's no particular reason our instance would be incorporated here). Thank you!

También si alguien puede recomendar un abogado o gestor con experiencia en entidades sin animo di lucro y la LOPD, lo agradecería mucho! 🙏

@mistertim @matt @evemassacre hi, I help to admin our members @ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes and @Literally put together this guide to help others set up democratic structures for their social networking sites:

@tscriado @bufetalmeida siii, gracias! me quedo con la duda de hasta que punto nos protegería de asuntos del LOPD y tal, por eso creo que debería hablar con alguien con más conocimiento legal :-)

@tscriado ...pero acabo de enterarme de que los de @bufetalmeida pueden ser la gente con quien debería hablar!

@mistertim Our instance was started by an already existing non-profit social club (known as a 401(c)(7) here in US). Are you talking about trying to spin off a separate entity?

@cs Yeah, it would be a new entity - ours was set up by me, as an experiment, and only now has become a more fully fledged community!

@kcorrick @Floppy aha, thank you both! James, I'll have a good read of that, @kcorrick a chat would be very useful if you don't mind! I'm talking to a spanish lawyer on friday, so maybe early next week after I've got a sense of the local laws here, if you're free? thanks again!

@mistertim @Floppy
Wednesdays are usually good for me, and I think we're in the same ET time zone. What's the best way to contact you to arrange details?

@kcorrick @Floppy Aha, Weds PM sounds ideal. Shall we work out the details over email? I'm on!

Thank you!


@mistertim Unsure, but there's some possibly salient advice or at least generative thinking about instance admins protecting themselves from liability here (but not from a co-op perspective, and rather legalistic and US-centric)

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