Políticas radicales en las tiendas de teléfono del Raval

Son dos quarts de deu, i en Xavier, el meu amic, professor de català y guía arquitectònica de Barcelona m'està explicant els secrets místics del temps en català.

Em va resultar molt fàcil, sempre penses en el futur cuan calculis el temps. Una actitut que m'agrada.

My favourite so far though is this, from Dead Man's Shoes which manages to be almost, but not quite, as unnerving as the source material:

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A fun game you can play with friends - pick a well known film, then take it in turns feeding quotes from that film into DALLE (huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mi) and sending just the images, from which the others have to guess the quote. Here's a few from ROBOCOP:

Hands down the coolest zoom call I've ever witnessed, being both (a) on a 10m high LED wall, and (b) an opportunity to ask PETER GALISON about making images of black holes ❤️

Now we've hung the results in the window to see what effect the sunlight has on the thermal paper 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬☀️

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Experiencing the very specific joy of having returned from the suburbs of an unfamiliar city with a receipt printer I found on Wallapop, it working pretty much first go, and getting straight into making it do weird things

(Avíso de contenido: Símbolos de Fascismo)

So what the fuck is happening in Google such that when I do a google image search from within google docs for my favourite gif, instead I get the Francoist flag, for the same search term?


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