Fascinating web app from @mistertim :

>I did a little experiment to see if I could surface and ‘ritually eulogise’ deleted wikipedia articles at the point at which they’re deleted, using the MediaWiki Recent Changes API. Here’s the result: a tiny web app which listens to the feed and produces a eulogy (the name of the article, it’s life dates, and its reason for deletion, if given), and rings a bell for each one.


This post is worth a read also: timcowlishaw.co.uk/a-note-on-g


I've put together a survey about the Small Internet (#gopher, #gemini, individual webpages, small community sites) and I would love your input. If you are a small internet user, please spend a few minutes and fill in your thoughts. I'm especially interested in the open response questions. This will help inform an upcoming conference talk I'll be giving at https://mch2022.org

Also, please boost this on fedi as much as possible and feel free to re-share on other social networks and in other communities. The more responses the better.

#smallweb #smallinternet

(btw if you're interested in trying out mastodon and looking for a community of people doing critical research on design and digital technology, you'd be very welcome to join us on assemblag.es !)

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This isn't just a technical concern but a political one too - engaging only with large tech businesses means ceding control of our how our research findings are communicated to them, and makes us beholden to their priorities and interests

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Worth mentioning in the communicating research findings session at that the big social media platforms aren't the only option for disseminating research findings online: worth looking at open source & federated alternatives eg WordPress, Mastodon too.

"Compost Epistemology"—a new piece of writing, or rather, a bundle of clippings, put together in the time since reading "Garbage Heap" by @cj steinea.github.io/notes/2022/0

Políticas radicales en las tiendas de teléfono del Raval

El meu amic Xavier m'ha dit que fa unes dècades, TV3 van presentar una versió doblegada a Català de la telenovel·la anglesa 'Eastenders', que es va diure 'Gent del Barri'. Tinc moltes ganes de veure'l però no ho he trobat! Algú sap on es poden veure uns clips?

Word-count accountability 

@akstuhl oh wow, well done! 👏👏👏 - that total slog to hit the minimum followed by a sudden second wind is a very familiar feeling!

Word-count accountability 

No more on the methods paper today, but ~600 words of various proposals, research statements and bios for various things, as well as a full day of work-work. That counts, I think?

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an intruiging tell wrt Google's approach to ethics, in this Google statement. "He is a software engineer, not an ethicist". In other words, the engineer should not worry about ethics, they've got ethicists on the payroll for that. Worrying about ethics is not the engineer's job. That perception means you yourself can stop thinking about ethics, it’s been allocated, and you can just ta


#AI #sentience #singularity

Your stupid nerd computer toy isn't special just because it kinda looks like it can talk English

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My position on the machine sentience discourse: full animism of absolutely everything or GTFO.

@h aha there was a great talk at LCC which brought together a few of these a few months back. @pyrografica and the supra systems studio gang organized it, I'll see if I can find a video! (I'm pretty sure I have a zoom transcript saved also)

This is a PSA

Please remember people:

- Replace twitter.com by a 'nitter' instance - it allows you to read stuff on the bird site without the annoyances.

- Replace reddit.com by a 'teddit' instance in the same way

- Put your annoying newspaper link after 'archive.is' for the same result.

If we all work together on this one, we can all make Mastodon a better place!

Thank you!

This is the end of this PSA.

@PFCdgayo *even if* you accept that, the amount of labour and infrastructure that has to go into producing that particular 50GB of text, which is *only of use* to EM, is mind boggling, it's super impractical. The firehouse by contrast is there for multiple uses, and the onus is on him to adapt its output to his own purposes

He's is so clearly a man who's used to having his every whim catered to, and for whom the material work that goes into doing so is basically invisible

@PFCdgayo the thing that really irked me about this was - just say hypothetically, he had a point, and you could strip all the tweet metadata, media, and non-ascii characters, then put the resulting ~50GB file on a usb stick and post it to him (and somehow that would still be useful for his stated purpose of bot account identification which it kinda wouldn't be without metadata, but anyway). [1/2, sorry]

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