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Live coding: a user's manual is out this week, published open access by MIT Press. I have my copy already, after many years it's real!

I just put up a placeholder website, and will upload the pdf, epub and mobi ebook files there on Tuesday, maybe making a web version. It'd be interesting if people started contributing edits, adding extra chapters etc..

There’s a wonderful moment when the film crew face her ire. Just as the London audience can see the budget of this production so can she, and she challenges them to do something with their money. “Are you here to film us and then do nothing?” she demands. This is the punctum of the whole piece, the moment when the people of the forest speak out against the abuses done to their land in the name of profit.

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So, to keep the intro vibe going since I'm still new here: One topic in that interests me particularly is the trial. Searching for this is as likely to turn up posts on haircuts, shoes and stock trading ("AAP stepped out of its wedge today"), but every so often turns up something on a supposed silver bullet for evaluating public health and health services interventions called the stepped wedge trial. I've written more here:

taking a break from a break in social media posting to join mastodon so will be mostly quietly observing this space for now. I'm a PhD candidate in Art and Design at Sheffield Hallam looking at divination and reading at art school. Interested in signal processing, speculative practices, neurodivergence, crip and other justices, drawing and poetry. Pleased to make acquaintances. I live in London.

“I began writing about power because I had so little." Couldn't love this essay about Octavia Butler's life and writing any more. (And feels like an apt first post here)

This from @pluralistic seems particularly appropriate for the current moment. We have, once again, the chance to build gardens of our own, rather than labouring in a walled garden for the Zuckerbergs and Musks

What I find most hopeful & intriguing about this moment is the potential to be intentional about scales of communication — to celebrate something other than celebrity academia, to recognize the challenge & value of curating small conversation, to be skeptical of calls to “change the world.”

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Greetings humanoids, a small #introduction from myself.

I’m a #soundartist working across #installation #performance #locationrecording + #sounddesign - all things #audio really.

I’m also a #singer and am a #soprano with the #londonbulgarianchoir

…Aaaand I also make + talk #radio things with the #radioart collective ~ @ShortwaveCollective #musodon #creatives #soundart

~ @tinysound is an experiment I set up a few years ago to talk about #sound through a lens of #poetry ~


Hello to all our new joiners! I've just boosted (the local equivalent to the 'retweet') a thread on how to get started here. Please do introduce yourselves with the hashtag and say hi! 👋

An -- I was raised on a diet of 1970s Open University TV programmes about maths and modern art. Naturally enough, I became an academic statistician. I co-lead a Clinical Trials Unit and my research is focused on the design of clinical trials. There's more depth and subtlety to this than you might think. I *will* also be tooting pictures of insects, flowers, buildings and our cat, George.

gente de en España, sabe alguien cómo apuntarse en el AEPD? @tscriado me mandó esto y me di cuenta que tal vez debería hacer algo parecido para nuestra instancia:

I just got my first major conf acceptance as a grad student. I’ll be sharing my masters research on the influence of remote/digital production on the labor, aesthetics, and value, of ad music over the last two decades, next spring at

Stoked to be part of "Music's Material Mediations: New Histories of Sound Technologies and Software" with Amy Skjerseth, Catherine Provenzano, & Paula Harper at . Amy's summation: "Papers on posthumously-generated AI voices, Pauline Oliveros, Wendy Carlos, & ASMR!"

Now that even more people are joining, I'd like to again share my hope of connecting with people in:


If you're in these fields, please comment so we can start a thread of people to follow! (And please boost to keep this going!) 😁


Did not realize the server was down lol

I know we're lagging, we're not alone in lagging, the whole Fediverse is lagging. Bear with us.


Please. Talk to Darius. He's one of the very smartest people in the world on decentralized social media.


Look, any journalists out there who want to talk to someone about decentralized social media? You might consider: me, a person who has tons of experience with it and also a very long history of communicating clearly about complex technology to non-technical audiences


The reason I chose this instance is that my academic interest fits the community, an intersection of , philosophy of technology, , , art and design. You may feel it is not special that the fields overlap each other but they are really separated in japan

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