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Hello old and new friends,

I mostly shunned social media so far and only just joined Mastodon. I write much less than I used to so not sure how often I’ll toot. Lately, I find taking pictures easier, which I publish at They are a window in the life of this Autist with a focus on the infraordinary.

This year is about settling in Seoul and getting out of London.

Looking forward to having interesting conversations about technology, repair, neurodiversity, walking...

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"NSW Police have imposed bail conditions on at least one Blockade Australia activist that would prohibit the use of encrypted communication apps such as WhatsApp and Signal. NSW police also imposed conditions forcing the activists to hand over any communications device to police and provide passcodes upon request."

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Less than 16 hours till …

⭐️♾ Autistic Pride Online ♾⭐️

(today 19:00–20:30 BST)

(Or as I am currently reminding myself, just 17.5 hours till it’s all over 😂 – I’m only a *tiny* bit stressed out by being on the panel!)

A free event for #AllAutistics, reflecting on our intersecting identities

Kabie Brook (ARGH)
Fergus Murray @ferrous (AMASE)

Laura Bilton
Sonny Hallett @scrappapertiger
Anna Nicholson @transponderings
James Pelham

Register here to receive a Zoom link:

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I’ve just created the group @autisticadvocacy as a way for #AllAutistics to share information without having to search for hashtags

If you’re #ActuallyAutistic and talking about Autistic advocacy, just tag in @autisticadvocacy, and anyone who follows the group will see your post

Good questions at an exhition at the Jewish Museum on the ethics of photographic documentaries.

Today I'm celebrating both () and the tenth anniversary of the .

'About spoons and spudgers' is a post I wrote a few years ago that covers some of the intersectionality of being both a community fixer and ().

The is already ten years old. Wishing all a very happy anniversary and looking forward to a future where the right to is commonplace.

Until then, to repair is to rebel.

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Someone had a granite headstone made for Internet Explorer and placed it beside a tiny church on the rooftop of a cafe in Gyeongju, South Korea:

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Q for a neurodivergent 

Not for me, but are there good online support groups for adult women who have ADHD (in this case not formally diagnosed) navigating homelife and work?

(Disclaimer: I tend not to trust charities that claim to represent neurodivergents.)

#ADHD #neurodiversity #help

The articles about reminded me of watching a kid using only three years ago. Still going strong!

The BBC documented the harvesting of spaghetti trees in Ticino (

In Korea, famous for its hanji paper, the paper harvest is coming soon as the trees are heavy with paper fruits.

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Open Infrastructure Map is absolutely fascinating. Check out all the power stations, turbines, electricity lines, gas, oil, water pipelines, etc near you.

Built on top of Open Street Map data (what an amazing project OSM is).

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Autscape is a conference/retreat run by and for autistic people. This year it’s happening in Derbyshire, England. Booking for residential tickets closes soon.

The flier is also available as a PDF at

If you're considering attending , an Autistic conference by and for , August 8-11 in Derbyshire, it would help the event if you booked as soon as possible. I will be there and very much look forward to it.

For those who need financial assistance, this year there are two bursary schemes including one specifically for Autistic persons of colour. (You can of course also donate to either or both these schemes.)

All details at

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I talked on LBC radio yesterday about #LongCovid and the ongoing psychologisation of chronic illness yesterday. (Felt like a minor media miracle where the host took this conversation TBH) #NEISVoid

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The Cyberpunk Computer, longer read 

Text version:

The Cyberpunk Computer

by Lee Felsenstein, February 1990

The “Cyberpunk” overly-personal computer design is both a computer and a metaphor. The equations read as follows:

PHYSICAL: Not very powerful

METAPHORICAL: Requires imagination and cunning for proper use.

MEDIUM-DENSITY (720 x 256) MONOCHROME GRAPHIC DISPLAY: Invites a “high-suggestivity” approach to symbol presentation. An image language waits to be developed, perhaps similar to Kanji (oriental ideograms) based upon Western metaphors.

NO CABINET; THE CYBERPUNK IS MADE UP OF A SERIES OF CIRCUIT BOARDS THAT PIGGYBACK THROUGH STACKING CONNECTORS: Group acquisition. Pieces exchangeable as desired. Procured in pieces by people with low disposable income. Community resource. Scroungers always welcome.

PERSONAL/PORTABLE “BAT” CONFIGURATION (HANGS FROM THE BELT). USES COMMONLY AVAILABLE MONOCHROME VIDEO DISPLAYS AND LCD PANELS: Assumes common availability of video displays and laptop computers for cannibalization. Application of post-capitalist “junkyard world” concept.

NOT NECESSARILY COMPATIBLE WITH ANYTHING: For use by people who consider themselves outside the “mainstream” and who don’t particularly want in.

OPEN ARCHITECTURE: Rewards self-sufficiency in a context of mutual self-reliance.

The concept of the Cyberpunk design is natural enough to anyone who went through the early days of personal computer development. “Computer Power to the People” was our slogan back then — never mind that the people weren’t clamoring for it. We knew that Americans could handle the most complex gizmos provided that they believed that the gizmos are actually simple and that it’s only a bunch of self-serving elitists trying to convince them otherwise. Ten thousand of us sent in $2 for the plans to the “TV Typewriter” when a how-to-build-it article appeared in Radio Electronics in 1973. The editors considered twenty letters a large response to such an article. Something was moving! Even IBM came around to our “open architecture” way of sharing information. They had to. The closed architecture personal computer they first fielded was a failure.

Somewhere along the line, though, the suits got hold of it and rebuilt it in their own image. Software companies “shook out” and restructured themselves along the lines of Soviet state industries — vast hives of seeming activity with miserable kluges appearing as products, accompanied by overblown propaganda that only the truly naive could believe.

What I’m now proposing is that the true believers of personal computing pick up the thread — after the parade has gone by — and resume development in the post- IBM, post-Apple universe. Those companies have levitated to the higher spheres of cost and usership, leaving us mere mortals behind. At least we can learn from their mistakes.

There’s room for a simple, elegant design with about a megabyte of memory, using components found in the litter of the junkyard that we’re inheriting. It will have bit-mapped video good for LCD or CRT display, making use of old monochrome monitors and abandoned laptops. It will be modular so that people can create many different variations to their whim. It will invite the creation of elegant, expandable operating systems with an object oriented approach to language and control structures. It will accommodate the most advanced communications peripherals (LAN controllers, radio modems, IR links, store-and-forward communications) reduced to their essentials. It will be usable in a personal, portable environment as well as gussied up sitting on a desk.

It will develop the reputation of being an attractant for unqualified kids with antisocial attitudes. It will be seen as an impractical, underpowered design that can be made to do a few nice tricks, but is definitely “unprofessional” and thoroughly irrelevant to the bigbucks world.

That’s fine, big-bucks. Just keep making the junk and throwing it away. We’ll catch you later.

In the meantime, it’s time to do some REAL marketing research. If you would be willing to send $15 for the plans (inflation, y’know) when such plans are ready, write to me at the following address to indicate your willingness - SEND NO MONEY, at least until we tell you to. An adequate response will start the project running.

Address: Dept. C, Golemics, Inc. 2831 7th Street, Berkeley CA 94710. •

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We have a deal on the common charger! 🇪🇺

This means more savings for EU consumers and less waste for the planet:

🔌 mobile phones, tablets, cameras… will all use USB type C
🔌 harmonised fast-charging technology
🔌 unbundling of sale of chargers

#SingleMarket #DigitalEU

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“[Safety is important, but] that doesn’t mean we all have to somehow cope with things neurotypically, even when we’re not neurotypical…”

I wrote a new piece reflecting on being a counsellor, being autistic, and having big feelings.

(cw: article in link contains descriptions of meltdowns)

#writing #autistic #emotions

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⭐️♾ Autistic Pride Online ♾⭐️
26 June 2022, 19:00–20:30 BST

organised by AMASE* and ARGH**


Including a ‘semi-structured panel discussion’ on #ActuallyAutistic identity, chaired by Kabie Brook and featuring @scrappapertiger, Laura Bilton, James Pelham and me (😬)

* AMASE = Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh
** ARGH = Autism Rights Group Highland

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