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Hello old and new friends,

I mostly shunned social media so far and only just joined Mastodon. I write much less than I used to so not sure how often I’ll toot. Lately, I find taking pictures easier, which I publish at They are a window in the life of this Autist with a focus on the infraordinary.

This year is about settling in Seoul and getting out of London.

Looking forward to having interesting conversations about technology, repair, neurodiversity, walking...

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🌸 לשנה טובֿה 🌸
מעג 5783 מאַכן די וועלט ייִנגער, גרינגער, שיינער, טײַער, פֿרײַער, מיט נישט קיינען קרוין און נישט קיין מײַסטער!

🌸 happy new year 🌸
may 5783 make the world younger, easier, more beautiful, dearer, freer, with no crowns and no master!

I've just finished uploading all the issues of EXE Magazine I had on my website. I scanned approx. 5000 pages in 2.15 GB of PDFs. You can download issues from

I created thumbnails of all the covers so one can have a (small) look at some of the great cover art we created without downloading any issue.

On Friday went on another of the great Hackney radical history walks, this time in Dalston.

The 'Did spy on us here?' sign in the pic was temporarily affixed on what had been the Colin Roach Centre.

( Campaing Opposing )

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XP from birdsite 


All the kids are using this term "based," and I'm just figuring out how to use it.

Then I saw this, and it clicked. This guy, this invention, and this commercial are all based beyond belief.


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The French have a phrase for this but it is more political, aimed at hurting productivity and the bosses: “grève du zèle”. It is a pedant’s version, where workers use an “extreme perfectionism” to accomplish basic tasks and hence work painfully slowly.

I believe “work-to-rule” in English but never had the same power as an idea…

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If I try to play a video included in a toot using ! on iOS I get the message:

'Failed to load autio
Operation Stopped: The server is not correctly configured.
How annoying'

However trying to play the same video, on macOS, going directly to the website of the instance I'm using ( it works fine so hinting there's no problem with the server.

Anyone has any suggestion as to what may be the cause and how to fix it?

(Searching the web has so far proved unfruitful.)

Just found another 2 cm thick bundle of police papers. These seem to be ones I got via a subject access request (SAR) and follow-ups requests as the Police always somehow 'miss' documents they're supposed to send when first responding to a SAR.

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You are a Lumière brother, you are showing a film of a train arriving at a platform. If you play the film to its end the train will collide with the audience, killing them all. You can stop the film before the train runs over the audience but this will keep the people on the train imprisoned in the film (you are personally responsible for trapping these people on film, by recording the train months earlier). You have 2 options:

1. Letting the film play killing the audience but releasing the captured subjects of the film.

2. Stopping the film, sparing the audience but keeping the subjects of the film trapped.

What is the right thing to do?

This is most of what was my Metropolitan Service and Independent Police Complaint Commission case file following my unlawful arrest in 2005. Just finished shredding it all.

(For info about the case, this is a short summary:

Eternally yours is 'a free exhibition exploring ideas around , and ' at Somerset House, London until Sept 25th.

It is human scale and includes interesting artists. Well worth a visit if you're close by.

Inclued is a piece by Bridget Harvey. I only took a few pics which I posted at

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I wrote about being a disabled cyclist and how my e-bike saves me on a regular basis. The government can do more to make it ok to use a bike as a mobility aid


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When Ants Domesticated Fungi

While we’ve been farming for around 10,000 to 12,000 years, the ancestors of ants have been doing it for around 60 million years. So when, and how, and why did ants start … farming?

I wish reviews of laptops and particularly their performance measurements were done in a room at a temperature of around 40ºC.

My underspecced fanless laptop had even more issues with the recent heat than I had.

This will become a more common problem affecting more laptops (and other electronics).

'The cobbled street is directly underneath the Glass Tiles.'

Interesting Gardurian's article on Oxford Street:

It mentions the film The Ghosts of Oxford Street. Only an extract appears available:

And this film is also mentioned in the post A Subterranean Mystery on Oxford Street:

Unfortunately 'The cobbled street [...] directly underneath the Glass Tiles' is not visible: &

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Chile’s new constitution looks very progressive, including an explicit reference to #neurodiversity, in an effort to depathologise and destigmatise #neurodivergent people 😊

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