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The Blue House () is the nickname for what was the President's house and work place in South Korea until the recent election. It is now open to the public. Most of the visitors were spending more time taking selfies than looking around. My pictures of our visit are slightly different!

They're all at

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I enjoyed pulling this together:
Monotropism in practice.

How people are using the theory of Monotropism to develop strategies for working with autistic people and with their own autistic traits: as teachers, play workers, counsellors and just people existing in the world.
#monotropism #ActuallyAutistic

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If you use Safari on iOS and you find those app banner ads annoying (telling you to go to the App Store to download the app for that site) check out the extension Unsmartifier.

Does what it says on the box.

BTW the door locks are battery operated with a set of AA batteries in the cover of the lock on the inside. This brings up the obvious question of what happens if the batteries go flat.

This is addressed by two contacts on the lock on the outside to which one would touch the contacts of a 9V battery. This gives enough power to the iock in such emergencies to enter the code to open it. (Recent, more expensive, ones also support registering tags, fingerprints and/or BLE devices.)

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The other day our 9-year-old nephew was visiting us and was bewildered by seeing a set of (European) door keys. He had never seen a key in his life. All door locks, here in Korea, are electronics, same for car door locks and ignition. A key is not something he had seen or remembered in his lifetime. I would have expected that for rotary phones or typewriters, but not (yet) for keys.

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Been thinking a lot about my mum, who would have turned 76 on Friday - the day after I turned 44.

Revisiting some of her writing about autism and humans more generally, and digging up a few things that had passed me by.

Made a new site about #Monotropism, the theory of autism she came up with. Added a repository for her work.

Some of it I still have to read through properly myself. It's all probably interesting, though, I think. and specifically

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How Korean Things Are Made: Watch Mesmerizing Videos Showing the Making of Traditional Clothes, Teapots, Buddhist Instruments & More

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Why isn’t every laptop designed to be modular like this? Not to mention upgradable and repairable. These characteristics should be synonymous with the idea of any device being considered modern, well-designed, desirable, feature-rich, etc.

Hello old and new friends,

I mostly shunned social media so far and only just joined Mastodon. I write much less than I used to so not sure how often I’ll toot. Lately, I find taking pictures easier, which I publish at They are a window in the life of this Autist with a focus on the infraordinary.

This year is about settling in Seoul and getting out of London.

Looking forward to having interesting conversations about technology, repair, neurodiversity, walking...

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