So, I know lots of people are wary of self promoting , but one of the best things about the bird was finding out what everyone was doing.

Selfishly, I *desperately* want to read your papers and blog posts and add books to my TBR piles and find out when you're at a conference or on the radio or launching a pilot or whatever it is you do. Please keep sharing that - with a CW if necessary and plenty of hashtags to make it discoverable.

Oh also, because there's not an algorithm here to amplify popular posts, boosting things is *super important*, so please do boost things you find interesting and useful. It's a really valuable social signal and will help others find new people and broaden who they follow.

@rachelcoldicutt And also I really want to know when people are giving talks with virtual options! I only very rarely ever can go in person anymore, but I love to go to virtual talks during the workday (ok, ok, I’ll likely be multitasking bc lawyer, but I love these)

@rachelcoldicutt that's definitely interesting to know about - but wouldn't LinkedIn fill that need?

@eselet this is an interesting question, and I can't explain why but the answer - for me anyway - is no. The bigger character counts and smaller networks of LinkedIn and the "professional" nature of it are something different; esp for ppl doing purpose-driven work there's an energy around informal sharing that is completely different.

@rachelcoldicutt that's a good point about informal sharing - a lot of the content on linkedin is strategically chosen rather than informal sharing of interesting pieces of work.

@rachelcoldicutt @eselet To me, there is a lot of difference between sharing your work and self-promotion. I share my work all the time here, or over on @interpeer (which I try to keep focused only on that).

But I don't like to self-promote very much. My take is, if the work I share is interesting to folk, it's enough self-promotion. LinkedIn is chock full of vapid self-promotion, where people do not share work (they do, but less so), but largely share hot takes and the accolades they received.

@jens @rachelcoldicutt @interpeer yes, linkedin has a fair share of "look at this award/achievement/etc" and hot takes. My feed isn't too bad but I am a bit picky about who I connect with. I do get a lot of interesting sharing as well - and a bit of self promotion is OK as long as it is relevant and positive!

@eselet @rachelcoldicutt That's the point, exactly.

Sharing your work usually is interesting to folk that follow you. "Look at me" is cringe, on the other hand.

@eselet @jens lots of people aren't sharing much here - I suspect because they are wary of getting unwelcome comments or breaking an unwritten rule

@rachelcoldicutt @jens OK - I'll try to share bits and pieces I find interesting from my professional world - and gauge the response. Perhaps we should agree on a hashtag for such posts so it is easy to follow?

@rachelcoldicutt @eselet Yes, I see some of that, too.

But the best accounts I follow mix shitposting with art or research they're pursuing. It keeps you informed and connected to their personality.

The reasons I split off my "professional" presence are that a) I didn't want to spam everyone with what I do all the time, and b) I cross-post the other presence to LinkedIn, where the shitposts may not be so appreciated (TL;DR).

A lot of folk here maintain multiple accounts for similar reasons.

@rachelcoldicutt +1 I also really love to keep up to date with what people are working on.

@rachelcoldicutt not sure there is a virtual event but I did hear a suggestion things might get recorded.

@rachelcoldicutt yes! That’s what I miss the most about twitter I learned so much from others!

@rachelcoldicutt I’m amazed by how often I see people saying this, as I never relied on the algorithm to start with. Or rather I suppose I’m amazed that everyone did rely on the algorithm? I always immediately turned off “home” (yeuch the name) and went for “show latest tweets first”.

@naomialderman yes me too, but on a good day things could really *travel* on Twitter (but also, I say this as someone who doesn't have a locked a/c, wch presumably makes a diff to how one's posts go out into the world?)

@rachelcoldicutt when you’re used to like and repost buttons this takes some getting used to.

@rachelcoldicutt I’m hoping people relax with the self promotion hesitation. There’s lots of positivity to be gained from someone having open discussions about something they’re working on or proud of.

@rachelcoldicutt yes. Not enough *swirl* Am I selfish simply to miss ppl reblogging Gdn & ElReg news stories ( etc)!! It was my one stop news filter 😥.

@rachelcoldicutt If you're on the right instance, you'll see plenty of that in the local instance timeline haha.

@rachelcoldicutt Yes! Please self-promote. I’m a nosy nerd and love learning what’s going on in industry and research (and recreationally). It’s also one way I find guests for my podcast @steampoweredshow.

How I wish there was a boost with comment option for this very purpose.

@rachelcoldicutt I like the idea to aid discovery, can we also have a #selfpromotion hashtag for folks to filter that out if they so want?

@rachelcoldicutt It's a bit software focused (though not always!) but #projects is a good hashtag to follow where people post their daily projects they've done or are currently doing.

@ocdtrekkie @rachelcoldicutt Thanks! I found #projects quite interesting, and one of those posts mentions #papers which might also help a little with the original point.

@rachelcoldicutt The tone always makes the music, and we could all do without some weird academictwitter patterns.

— Yes, dear researcher, please *do* share a thread summarizing your latest paper thats what we're here for! But there’s no need for a long meta preface on how "humbled" you are or apology for "self promo".

— Yes, please do post abt the conference you are at, but maybe its more interesting *what is being said there* than affirming how "great it is to be here".


@moritz ha! That makes me think of the classic LinkedIn thing, where everyone is always delighted about everything

@rachelcoldicutt 100% this. I get that ppl don't want too much me-me-me on this place, but I'm also very nervous about missing out what's happening and also finding new work. Boost boost boost! x

@rachelcoldicutt This is a perfect use for Content Wrappers (a term I prefer to content warning). I am always so disappointed when someone posts information about their latest book/paper/blog/podcast without a wrapper. With a wrapper, I boost right away. Without the CW, I have to decide whether people will appreciate this particular bit of promotion or not, and I tend to err on the side of not boosting. So, wrap your promotional content with a descriptive headline!

@rachelcoldicutt Did you know you can follow hashtags now? So maybe decide on a hashtag to use and anyone interested can hang on that hashtag. #sociology ?

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