Hi everyone,
I have assembled a google sheet for everybody working on or interested in , so that we can find and follow each other on . If you want to add yourself to the list, please fill out the form here:

The list itself, which you can export as a .csv file to import into using the link provided in the sheet, is here:

Please boost and share among those who might be interested!

@adamdavidson this might be interesting formalen journalists too, if you‘re willing to boost it over at

@rheinze @africanstudies @histodons @politicalscience @economics @anthropology @sociology @internationalrelations

If you're an Africanist researcher, or you're interested in Africa more generally, and you want to connect with others, please add your name/handle to the African Studies google sheet list and/or share the above message from @rheinze

@economics @BrianJAP @rheinze @histodons @sociology @internationalrelations @africanstudies @anthropology @politicalscience

Any efforts we/I can support to encourage non-white, especially black American and African scholars, to make the effort to join Mastodon? It's pretty European and white around here right now. I am not feeling great about how we are reproducing/exacerbating extant power structures...

I agree with you, although I've only been here 3 days so I haven't yet seen the full scope of the problem. But it's an important reason I'm still attached to Twitter. I suppose it helps to let everyone know you're on mastodon and then maintain the same engagement with like-minded people. It will take some time, but eventually if Twitter becomes a cesspool there will be more digital community building over here.

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