hello! an introduction!
i'm libi, i'm the managing director of the media archaeology lab in boulder, colorado. phd from the IAWP program here, also have an mfa and bfa.
i make art in lots of different media and teach workshops in deconvenience.

as a follow-up to this... i often make things that look unserious but that are in fact very serious. i try to actively unmake those heirarchies

@rose_alibi Yes, this is the kind of map-making psychogeographers do when they attempt to present things in their true complexity. So this is very serious indeed. 🍍

@acousticmirror i think the tendency to write off work that doesn't look serious or that lacks pretense is an advantage most of the time, at least. it lets me work through things under the radar, so to speak.

@rose_alibi I'm sure it does. And yet, look into any contemporary art museum: they end up assimilating any kind of aesthetic (pink, zines, mail art, noise music, sound art, body art, situationism, you name it.) They just take their time about it.

@rose_alibi Yes. That's what makes museums burn so well. 😜 🍍 💫 🔥

@rose_alibi Hi libi! The MAL looks awesome!

Curious about deconvenience as a concept/practice — are there any resources for & examples of it you'd recommend?

@cj it's my own concept, developed for my dissertation

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