" is better understood not as a determinate period of time or linear course of development, but a fundamental human capacity to with how to live"


From the latest in Ill Will's series Worlds Apart.

An born of and for the earth, assembled out of quotations from Bakhtin, Benjamin, de Certeau, Rancière, Harney and Moten, Bourriaud, and Haraway, all of whom have shaped my approach to and .

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"Compost Epistemology"—a new piece of writing, or rather, a bundle of clippings, put together in the time since reading "Garbage Heap" by @cj steinea.github.io/notes/2022/0

"We do not have a shortage of future-thinking. We have a shortage of about how different ideological compete with one another ... The problem is not getting people to together; the problem is in how to bring dreams together in a way that is good, equitable, and just in a way that the past has not been" reallifemag.com/how-to-eat-the

"The universe exploded into light, and eventually grew eyes to see itself" and meet in Mei-mei Berssenbrugge's A Treatise on Stars, reviewed here by Ethan Hsi hkrbooks.com/2022/05/22/a-trea

"Quodlibet: to seek to persevere just so, in a certain at a certain , with a certain and self-generative "

"What is needed now is not monetary abstraction, but useful products of and : food, care, education"

This now three-part series has been a fun exercise in , , and , considering how thought meets action in ethical day-to-day practice.

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The second, "Dying Well, 2: Kinetics and Cosmology," taking up the entropic paradigm, contrary to Plato, as articulated by Thomas Nail: steinea.github.io/notes/2022/0

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Two new pieces of writing, continuing on my reading of Plato's Phaedo, "Logic of Scission." The first, "Dying Well," a critique of Plato's argument on the basis of discoveries in since his writing: steinea.github.io/notes/2022/0.

I recently replayed Night in the Woods, and the experience secured it as one of my all time favourite . A marvelous blend of the , the , the , and the .

The method of "backcasting" they deploy is a speculative effort akin to , but with the express intent of linking their fictions back to the present so that we might go about the work of . The different scenarios can be seen here: backcasting-kardashev.one/.

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Reading Nail reminded me of the Strelka's Institute's fascinating project, Backcasting Kardashev One, an effort in rethinking , , and . strelkamag.com/en/article/back

I took too many notes to post them all here, but to entice readers to go see for themselves: Nail advocates for a more-than-human "metabolic ," on the basis that humans "are the continued by other experimental means to increase the expenditure of the planet and the cosmos, but not alone."

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"Nail invites us to imagine a reciprocal transformation of and : on the one hand, philosophy appears at once as a material and cosmic activity, one among many profligate techniques of kinetic expenditure; at the same time, the cosmos itself becomes, in a deeper sense, philosophical — that is, 'capable of philosophy.'"

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Ill Will has a new series, Worlds Apart, on , , , and futures. To begin the series, they have excerpted the final chapter of Thomas Nail's Theory of the Earth, "Kinocene Ethics." This was an incredible read illwill.com/kinocene-ethics

My most recent piece of writing is "Logic of Scission," on Plato's repudiation of sensation and empirical knowledge in the Phaedo.


This continues a long series of essays that began with the Presocratics, tying them together with more recent figures like Gilbert Simondon, Emmanuel Levinas, Alain Badiou, and François Laruelle.

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Hello world!

A bit about me: I work in game development in Vancouver, where I also teach game design and development, interactive storytelling, and video game aesthetics.

I wrote my master's thesis on literature and the philosophy of technology, and you can find my ongoing thoughts on these and related topics at steinea.github.io/notes.

I link my other work here too, which can be found under the /games and /research tabs.


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