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Migration was seamless so here's my for local folk:

I'm an & based in UK. For 15 years I've been making critical interventions in technology under umbrellas of or . Now mostly working with cameras and video, still sometimes hacking hardware & also writing.

Currently interested in relationships between and media, geophysics and digitisation, the production of images and their collateral landscapes.

I have deleted the app whose name shall not be mentioned from my phone. I have you people to thank for the cleansing of my eyes and the warming of my discourse. Thank you.

[another gem from Utopia & Reality]
An astronaut in earth orbit travels as far every four days as did in his lifetime: about 3,000,000 miles.

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Richard Mosse review rant 

As my hyper-critical Richard Mosse rant was lost in migration I decided to write it up as a blog post so that someone can hold me to my own ridiculous standard at some unknown future date:

Buckminster Fuller's 'Profile of the Industrial Revolution as exposed by the chronological rate of acquisition of the basic inventory of cosmic absolutes - the 92 elements'.

(It's reprinted far too small in this recent edition of Utopia & Reality. I added another image of the right hand side so people can see the detail.)

New publication - Uneven Futures: Strategies, Community Survival, Speculative Fiction - Edited by Ida Yoshinaga, Sean Guynes and Gerry Canavan - of possible interest - will provide some salient #hashtags #UnevenFutures #strategies #community #communitysurvival #speculativefiction #afrofuturism
#LatinX #LiteraryCriticism #LitCrit #criticism #politicalorganizing #culture @themitpress

Protests against Amazon 

I love it. Not a new slogan, but the delivery is extraordinary.

Last night's Bryce show on was so great that I think I'm going to just do it all over again:

Dear fediverse,
What is the best tool / site currently available?

I don't know whether the amount of travel by Geology researchers shown here is typical but it makes me wonder whether its connected to the global expansion of mineral prospecting in recent years.

From this article, originally posted by @jknodlseder:

The biggest near-term challenge for society in terms of #climate mitigation is to learn how to adjust expectations of energy consumption (all energy, not only electricity) in the transition phase: both #efficiency and #sufficiency are required.

More images from Kristian Birkeland's auroral current experiments, here showing his earliest (I think) apparatus for recreating the aurora with cathode rays in a vacuum.

Kristian Birkeland's wire model showing the trajectories of negatively charged particles in Earth's magnetosphere.

This mesmerising album of drone improvisations for Aulos (an ancient reed instrument) has now been on repeat all morning:

A group at Johns Hopkins has created a scrollable, interactive map of the entire universe, from here to the cosmic microwave background.
Extraordinary discoveries at your fingertips for free, unimaginable when I was a kid. #astronomy #space #exploration

Niche query, but is anyone aware of any writing *in any field at all* that uses the term collateral interestingly or beyond what I think of as its two routine usages: the military sense of collateral damage, or the financial sense or something against which to borrow?

"Foxconn Workers Rioting at the iPhone Factory" is the new "Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory"

@benbyrne .. also if you're not aware of it already, I figured you'd be interested in this:

Alexandra Spence, Submerged Tape Loops, short pieces of tape put into the ground/water then replaced into the cassette to create hypnotic, authentic disintegration loops

Forthcoming exhibition - Data relations
//Exhibition curator Miriam Kelly says: “Artists included in Data Relations reflect on the effects of the contemporary data economy and techno-mediated relationships in ways that are profound, humorous, poetic and confronting. The impacts of what has been described as the ‘data revolution’ – that began with the internet and accelerated with the opportunities to commercialise data and store vast amounts of ‘big data’ – cannot be understated within our economic, political, environmental, social and cultural contexts. Data now permeates contemporary life”.//

Featuring artists: Zach Blas, Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Machine Listening (Sean Dockray, James Parker and Joel Stern), Mimi Onuoha, Winnie Soon; plus Data Relations Summer School
Guest Curator Miriam Kelly, Coordinating Curator Shelley McSpedden

Data Relations: 10 December 2022 to 19 March 2023, ACCA Galleries and Digital Wing. 


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