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To all the folks in scholarly communication/publishing out there:

1. I appreciate the work you do.
2. I likely have significant differences with you or your organization over strategic direction, stakeholder orientation, ideals for the future, etc.
3. I appreciate the work you do.

Hi, all... here are a couple of recent pieces from me on the topic of scholar-led, small-scale journal publishing: one about workflow/tech, one about peer review in the humanities:

"Pop! A Simplest-possible Journal Workflow." in Commonplace.kfg.

"The Care-ful Reviewer: Peer Review as if People Mattered." in Pop!

Katie Harbath making such a key point about the disagreements that happen inside a company also an important overlooked part of the things. Absolutely. In my experience you can have a lot of heterogeneity and org complexity that gets completely overlooked, esp by academics, when we tell the stories of platforms and governance. #Informed22

The 2020 number of the #openaccess journal Museum Worlds has two articles about the Pacific: From Bastos, an article on #Hawaii' s Historic Plantation Village, and from DeBlock, an article on #Vanuatu sacred stones on display in France. #GLAM #anthropology #ToRead

First anniversary of Iggy dictating this very sensible letter to Santa.

If you're into "thing theory" you're going to love our new piece "A quantitative study of fictional things" that is part of the new CHR 2022 proceedings.

Tooting my own horn to say that Harvard UP is having its 30% off sale: use promo code HOL22. Maybe for a holiday gift you might consider one of the press’s BEAUTIFUL illustrated & annotated #JaneAusten novels, & maybe even my ed of Mansfield Park? 🙏

OH from the backseat: “I did not just lick something.”

#newpublication #academic 

"Interscalar maintenance: configuring an Indigenous ‘premium carbon product’ in northern Australia (and beyond)" now out in JRAI in #OpenAccess: TLDR: Following the connections of carbon credits from savanna fire management projects helps illustrate the contingencies and contradictions produced by tradeable carbon, as people try to maintain a niche within a changing climatic, economic and political factors.

Just ICYMI: the Harvard Library Information Lab folks have a beta (you have to ask for access) tool for downloading Twitter threads in high fidelity, in case you need a permanent record of key threads for research purposes. It works *great* and is the only tool I've found that reproduces threads at high fidelity and without a lot of hassle. (The @internetarchive Wayback Machine is, of course, a good fallback.)

Just been reminded of the site that plays ambient music generated by Wikipedia updates.

'Bells indicate additions and string plucks indicate subtractions. Pitch changes according to the size of the edit; the larger the edit, the deeper the note.'

Signs the long weekend has dragged on too long: latke pork-butt nachos for dinner on Sunday night.

Every day I see more and more evidence of society descending into utter lawlessness and chaos.

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