Solarpunk is all very well, but can I get some windpunk or drizzlepunk?

Had trouble choosing a mastodon instance? I got GPT-3 to generate some new possibilities.
Members discuss all different forms of flounder, from deep-sea to land-based.

All messages must consist of the two letters 'D', for fear that the dinosaurs will eat people's pocketbooks.

Users must provide a source of warmth in order to post.

Priya made a video in which she made and taste tested several of the #ai-generated thanksgiving recipes with other NYT Cooking staff and it's funny and comforting - highly recommend

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There's A LOT of discussion about content moderation right now and very little of it touches on the fact that we've all lived on the big social sites for the last decade-plus thanks to the massively exploitated labor of mostly-invisible moderation workers. The social web at scale wouldn't have happened without these laborers, who in addition to shit wages, have been exposed to literally every imaginable horror.

If we're remaking this world, let's do better on that front.

Impending doom 

"When a society hits the information scaling threshold, it stalls out. It can’t function until it invents new ways of making sense that can cope with the complexity of the information environment. And societies that don’t pull off this transition? The paper posits they collapse."

Some lovely work by m’esteemed colleagues Libby & Jasmine adapting futuring methods for children in primary schools.

#allrobotsarescabs except mmmmmaybe this one. (Wouldn’t it be incredible to see an autonomous-vehicle guidance algorithm that recognizes and refuses to cross picket lines?)

A herd of migrating mastodon, lascaux primitive cave painting

Normally I would post a photo of a tree, but the weather here is miserable is a Mastodon instance for people interested in thinking creatively and critically about technology, in the broadest sense. The only requirement is that you keep to the code of conduct! Note: we've paused new signups for a few days while we deal with the #twittermigration influx - please do request an invite, but be aware that for now functions more like a 'waiting list' than a knock on the door, until our numbers stabilise again :-)