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Hi, again, after migrating instance!

I'm Tomás, researcher interested in , & issues in settings, now working on a book titled 'the uncommon city': on how comes to matter in -making - check the websites in my bio for more info

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Ok, I'll kick of with some takeaway ideas from my reading of

For me there are three main things that this book puts forward and that have been with me ever since I read it

1) On the one hand, I found good to think with the diagnosis they make: rather than just a new situation we're in, the is also as an expert discourse stemming from the Earth Sciences, which provides a systemic understanding of how the planet works.

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#BookReadings 0: Instructions 

The idea is simple, let's have fun sharing impressions of a book.


Three approaches I learnt from @Vecina

1) A self-appointed MC can provide with the text (epub, pdf) for anyone to read and join in

The MC then suggests:

2) A hashtag (they can be saved and followed if you right-click on them) so we can coordinate how to do this asynchronously (not needing to reply one another)

3) A time-window to focus on this (2 weeks-ish?)

Let's try to enjoy this!

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#BookReadings 1: #TheShockOfTheAnthropocene 

With @AnjaKlein we convened starting with Christophe Bonneuil & Jean-Baptiste Fressoz's "The Shock of the Anthropocene: The Earth, History and Us",

It's engaging and people in working on the might be familiar with it so we could broadly discuss the role they propose for the humanities in this mess

Time window: Nov 21-Dec 4, 2022



🐙🌊 OCEANS UNDER GLASS: Tank Craft and the Sciences of the Sea

"#Aquariums are essential to the way we understand the #ocean. Samantha Muka takes up specialty systems—including photographic aquariums, kriesel tanks (for jellyfish), and hatching systems—to examine the creation of ocean simulations and their effect on our interactions with underwater life."

#NewBooks #HistSci #STS

Recent dreams 

Hello brain,

1) last week, right before taking a plane from Munich to Barcelona with my child, you created a very vivid nightmare as if we were in the 2015 German Wings accident in the Alps 🥴

2) last night, you sent me on a rather vivid spy film, helping Zelenskyy reach the Ukrainian embassy in Spain, keeping him away from the Russian secret service, and meeting with Iñaki Gabilondo (a prominent Spanish journalist) to act as deal-breaker.

What's happening up there?!
IJURR Foundation 2023 Studentship and Writing up grants up to GBP 12,000 per studentship, and up to GBP 6,000 per writing up grant, to support PhD (or equivalent) students in the field of urban and regional research from any institution worldwide.

After a public consultation, the people have spoken ;-) it seems there's people still interested in continuing the experiment to find ways to asynchronously read with a longer time window, until February 28th.

If anyone has ideas or suggestions on how to frame the reading better (say, focusing on a certain chapter, bringing up an example to make it more relevant, etc.) please share!

Don't forget to use the hashtag so we can coordinate!

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@tscriado aha yep, for me that sounds much more manageable! This has been the trickiest thing in previous 'online reading groups' i've been part of tbh, finding a way to cope with different levels of time commitment, so i don't think it's an uncommon issue

@tscriado I'd also tracked down a copy, but fell foul of scattered attention and what felt like a short time window.

@tscriado in my case I would have loved to participate but deadlines got in the way! It certainly wasn't for lack of enthusiasm, and I'd be very keen to take part in the future!

@tscriado I grabbed a copy of this and would've liked to participate, but frankly I've been way too busy so far with my pre-Xmas rush. Like a lot of book clubs, a more patient, longer timeframe (eg a month), or recruiting a core group of participants who understand their commitments would go better …

Excellent piece by Didier Torny on arguments over publishing business models, taking aim at the idea that subscriptions or APCs are any more sustainable than alternatives.

Ok, so it seems that either the book, or the timing, or the way people want to practice their presence here hasn't created the momentum for something like the experiment on to really work, engage or take off.

Since this might not have sparked joy, was just wondering: Any interest in further trials? Any comments or suggestions in how to approach this?

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#introduction: Because Elon Musk is making Twitter look increasingly #old, metroZones is #newhere. In 2007 we founded metroZones in #Berlin as an independent association for critical urban research, since then we have been working at the intersection of art, science and politics. More about us:

Very intense 4 days planning and preparing many things

Slowly starting to figure out the life that will start to develop in Barcelona after I sign the new contract in January

Now back in ice cold Germany with only this image in my head...

Hi all people. I've created a new group for us to tag in related toots.


If you follow the group you'll get all the posts that peole tag with this handle.

Jay Cephas, Igor Marjanović & Ana Miljački edited a *fantastic* issue of the Jrnl of Architectural Education on "Pedagogies for a Broken World," and I'm honored they included an interview with me. Such a packed and powerful issue!

I like these kinds of responses because I can say a thing from MLK about the value of legislative solutions:

"It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important also. It may be true that the law cannot change the heart, but it can restrain the heartless, and this is what we often say we have to do in society through legislation."

This points back to something that I've been saying and, honestly, is something that mastodonians of color have been saying: you cannot engineer a solution to a cultural problem. And, insofar as OP makes clear the cultural context of the cultural problems facing Mastodon, I actually agree with them.

Mastodon is a world of builders, but the myopic focus on the ability to build ignores what is being built and who is supposed to "live" there.

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