In my creative coding class, I used to teach both Python and JavaScript (with p5js), but for various reasons I decided to go with all JS this semester. I'm not certain it was the right choice, but I'm definitely learning a lot about JS in the process.

@zachwhalen my current creative coding class is exactly like your old one, so I’d be curious how it goes. I’m actually much more comfortable in JS than PY, so it’s an appealing move.

@zachwhalen For portability and minimal-computing, JS is definitely the way to go. I'd love to learn from your syllabus--is it online anywhere?

@zachwhalen When I teach coding to artists, I try to stick with JS. So much simpler to make their work immediately accessible online

@rottytooth Yeah, that was the most compelling factor for me. However I have realized -- too late for this class, probably -- that I should have done more work up front with DOM basics. Easy to forget how much JS intertwines with HTML/CSS, vs Python's more self-contained i/o.

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