It's up to 4 "something elses" now, so what are those? Teams?

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@jmittell Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. Not that it's much trouble to set up or admin these, but a space like that left unused can feel disappointing

I didn't have room for this option, but of course I'd be interested to hear what "other" platforms you use.

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A question for those who teach: do students in your program have a shared online social space (i.e. not specific to an individual class or section but for all students in the major/minor/program), and if so, what platform do you use?

I don't know when the Canvas app changed this, but I like how the "To Do" number now shows the actual number instead of "99+". I mean, 332 is definitely a lot of things to grade / respond to, but I prefer that big number to the implication that It's So Much I Can't Even Tell You How Many.

Plus, I can see minor milestones more readily; like, getting it under 300 would be nice.


I don't think they are (the peers), but the knowledge differential is such that the experienced students' support can overwhelm the novice student to the extent that they (the novices) still feels alienated.

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Reading through my students' self-evaluations, I'm seeing many that are expressing serious imposter syndrome. Like, I think they're doing great, and I tell them that, but I don't think they believe me. They still think their peers -- who they perceive as more talented -- are judging them for "not belonging."

@rottytooth Yeah, that was the most compelling factor for me. However I have realized -- too late for this class, probably -- that I should have done more work up front with DOM basics. Easy to forget how much JS intertwines with HTML/CSS, vs Python's more self-contained i/o.

In my creative coding class, I used to teach both Python and JavaScript (with p5js), but for various reasons I decided to go with all JS this semester. I'm not certain it was the right choice, but I'm definitely learning a lot about JS in the process.

Another idea would be to sort the phonemes by similarity, which gets closer to the intent of adjacency in noise(), but I think that would be less likely to resolve back into words.

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If you blur your eyes I think the noise pattern is pretty evident. I may want to try using the phoneme noise to look for best fit words.

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I'm playing with an idea that might become a project: 1. extract phonemes from a text, 2. sort by frequency, 3. then wander through those with Perlin noise. The results are kind of pleasing and at least mostly pronounceable:

@samplereality I haven't been here long enough to say, but pretty chill, I think! I was looking for a smaller instance and saw that @jamesjbrownjr is here.

I have two photos I use for most of my social profiles. They're taken years apart, but I'm wearing the same shirt. I happen to be wearing that shirt today, so l'll wait until at least tomorrow to take a new selfie for here.

Google developed a new text editor that allows you to steer a story by asking questions ("tell me more about the fairy's day job") and got 13 well-known writers (Robin Sloane, Allison Parish, etc) to write a book of short stories with it. Stories and model demo:

Hello there. I am Zach Whalen and I am setting up an identity here I'm interested in giving Mastodon another try, and eager to see how the local feel of a hometown mastodon feels.

Currently: tracking down and following people I know across fediverse.

Soon: updating my profile with an actual picture of me and trying out the kind of content I want to post here. is a Mastodon instance for people interested in thinking creatively and critically about technology, in the broadest sense. The only requirement is that you keep to the code of conduct! Note: we've paused new signups for a few days while we deal with the #twittermigration influx - please do request an invite, but be aware that for now functions more like a 'waiting list' than a knock on the door, until our numbers stabilise again :-)